Rayban Rare Print Olympic edition

Yes, the Olympics are over, I know. But the Paralympics are about to start, so what better way to commemorate it with a special edition.


Rayban have released what they call ‘rare prints’ on their original wayfarers. The model released was purposely for the Olympics with a London style print either on the inside or on the outside if you want to shout ‘Look at me!!’

Personally I own a pair of ‘Rare print’ Wayfarers with the New York Subway map printed on it and people always want to see what there is on the inside.

If you not into that sort of thing, there is also the rare aspect of these glasses. Commemorated for the Olympics and made in limited amounts, just pop them in the drawer and sell them in a few years time.

they are available in: Classic black, Red, White, Blue or Print.

they are priced at 143 euros




Nike GS

Nike are at it again.

they started off by releasing four cool sets of football boots each set up for specific roles on the pitch. For running they pushed the boundaries by pulling shoes apart and making them lighter and lighter throughout every season.

Now they have released this boot… the Nike GS. It is the company’s lightest ever boot weighing in at only 160 grammes.

the boot is constructed using renewable and recycled materials and designed for explosive performance on the pitch and lower impact on the planet keeping everyone happy apart from the opposing defenders.

some technical info on the boots components: A bio-based traction plate made primarily from castor beans ensures strength and flexibility on pitch alongside a sock liner made from 100% castor beans. The boot laces, lining and tongue are made from a minimum of 70% recycled materials. The toe board and collar, feature at least 15% recycled materials.

This boot is a special edition and will be only available at Nike.com and selected online retailers, so if you are lucky to see it in person, pick it up and snap a picture and send it over to us.

Price for this lightweight beauty is $300  when it is released on August 15th which when converted with today’s current rate it equals €245 meaning its only for those professionals.

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Garage fit for any car!

Petrol heads all know that when it comes to parking a car in the garage, it can’t just be any old space. it has to be like a second home.

Vault Garage have revolutionized people garages since 2004. The people at Vault garage deal with every aspect of your garage from flooring to lighting and everything in between.

Now after the flooring and the lighting has been put in and your garage is starting to look more like a room, this is where the Vault custom stainless cabinets come in.

They are available in three series: the professional series, the designer series and the forged series and are available in a range of 18-30 different styles.

The professional = The broadest, most complete array of our Highest-Performing products & accessories. This Ultra-Premium Storage System represents the Finest in Professional-Grade Storage.

the designer = Professional-Quality Performance without the commercial look. Ultra-Premium Features in a Sleek, Streamlined Design.

the forged = Efficient Construction & Affordable High-Performance Materials delivers Quality Storage at a Fair Price. FORGED Cabinets are an Exceptional Value.

These three lines are all made from stainless steel and bespoke and are ready for the many years of abuse by men with oily hands.


Check out their site: here


Car Film Posters

Ever wanted a minimalist film poster that is depicted by the car?

Moviecarposters has brought all the classic and the more recent films together with these lovely posters of the iconic vehicles.

They all measure 11.25″x17.25″, and are professionally printed on high-quality gloss paper.   But the fun of going on to their site is to see how many films you can guess from the posters. I got some straight away but there are some which I have no clue about. It’s a fun way of learning about iconic car films as every poster has a signature quote to help you guess.


I have my eye on the James Bond DB5 poster which would look great hanging on my wall (anyone?)

All of the posters are readily available from their website which I will give you below and the posters are very reasonably priced at $10.


check them out here: Moviecarposters


one for the connoisseur

Recently a number of my friends have been getting into the Whiskey scene. Logging into Facebook comes up with a flow of photos of different bottles of whiskey ranging from all the colours of the Johnnie Walker Brand.

I had written a post earlier on about the Blue Label bar but seeing its limited to a few pieces and with an exclusive price I think this product is more suited.


Presenting the ‘1001 whiskies you must taste before you die’. The 1001 series has become a household name with books ranging from all sorts of activities. These books are great to have lying around on the coffee table as it always sparks up conversations and gives a person something to peruse over when getting bored.

This book covers all types of whiskies from classical Scottish whiskey to the newer blends emerging from around the world. every area is looked from the grain to how to cook with whiskey down to storing and serving it.

The book is Hardback but unfortunately will be released some time in May as from publishing date is 15 May 2012.

You can preorder it from Amazon for around £20 and they will ship it to you as soon as it is made available.

Xmas idea no.7!!

Time for a bit of clothing to hit the Christmas list! This clothing line is not only good as a Christmas gift but one all year round.

I came across the brand when I was at Glastonbury Festival and I have been in love since. I think it is the little personalized feeling to every bit of the process. Monster Threads are the brand. They are a group of people who have an eye for great art that fits well on t-shirts and hoodies for men women and now babies.

They choose artists from around the world to design art for their t-shirts which are only sold online and at their festival stalls.

The experience that stuck by me the most was inputting my info on the mailing list. they didn’t have a simple pen and paper… no-no…. they took a much cooler and innovative route…. type your details on an old type writer. Simply Amazing!!

Not only that but whenever you buy something from them, you will receive a hand signed message on the receipt that shows that love and care still goes into their clothing. Another cool concept they have added, is that whenever you buy an item they will give you 10% cash back. so basically a £20 t-shirt gets you £2 for your next purchase.

So whenever you see this cool looking panda, you will always know it is Monster Threads. Take a look at their website which you can click on below and do some buying.


Porsche…. Who knew they weren’t lazy?

Normally when someone looks at a Porsche, the main critique is that there has been no design changes from one model to the next. They come across as the laziest designers to date. But this all changes when you take a look at Porsche Design. this company is a subsidiary of Porsche AG and takes everyday objects and throws exceptionally cool design making it compete with the sexiness that Apple products have. The have altered designs from simple cigar cutters and external hard disks all the way up to Humidors and this lovely new piece of kit in collaboration with Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky. (Whiskey if you are American)

These designers have thrown everything at this piece. Can you call it a whisky drinker’s dream? I think so.

Depending on your love for your whisky and mainly your budget, you get a choice of three products.

The Chiller: a brushed titanium case with blue leather to hold a bottle of Blue Label.

the Cube: basically the same as the Chiller where the top turns into an ice bucket, however this piece holds four crystal tumblers, a pair of stainless steel tongs and an individually numbered bottle of Blue Label.

The Private Bar:  Now this is the piece I would save my money for….. 6.5ft tower of titanium, glass and leather. The top opens via electronic sensors and pivots 180 degrees to show off its gifts (somewhat like an oyster showing off its pearls) three bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, four illuminated crystal tumblers, chilled water and an ice bucket.

The Private Bar..... Beautiful isn't she?

If you feel you must have these, you can find them at Harrods stores. If the shop wasn’t any indication of the price I will give them to you.

The chiller goes for £240

The Cube goes for just under £500

and the Private bar goes for a cool £100,000 and can only be bought on special order. Better get your order in as only 50 of these magnificent pieces will be produced for sale worldwide.