Nike revives the Phantom GT football boot

Who remembers the fantastic Nike Football series of adverts titled – Secret Tournament? The greatest footballers of that generation in 3-a-side teams battle out to be the best on an oil tanker. Eric Cantona was the commentator and ‘A little less conversation’ was the theme tune. All to launch a football boot.

Well, Nike is now reviving the boot in the Phantom GT Scorpion. The link between the secret tournament and boot materializes through a chrome upper and plate referencing the tournament’s ball, painted brush strokes mimicking the on-ship location and the yellow and black hazard stripes framing the goals.

Added to that, the scorpion graphic that now features the phrase “Secret Tournament” and “Engineered for Skills”. Who thinks Nike needs to go back to these fun ads? The boot is available now on for £239 for the Elite FG version.

Remind yourself of what a great series of adverts they were with the full sequence below.


Nike GS

Nike are at it again.

they started off by releasing four cool sets of football boots each set up for specific roles on the pitch. For running they pushed the boundaries by pulling shoes apart and making them lighter and lighter throughout every season.

Now they have released this boot… the Nike GS. It is the company’s lightest ever boot weighing in at only 160 grammes.

the boot is constructed using renewable and recycled materials and designed for explosive performance on the pitch and lower impact on the planet keeping everyone happy apart from the opposing defenders.

some technical info on the boots components: A bio-based traction plate made primarily from castor beans ensures strength and flexibility on pitch alongside a sock liner made from 100% castor beans. The boot laces, lining and tongue are made from a minimum of 70% recycled materials. The toe board and collar, feature at least 15% recycled materials.

This boot is a special edition and will be only available at and selected online retailers, so if you are lucky to see it in person, pick it up and snap a picture and send it over to us.

Price for this lightweight beauty is $300  when it is released on August 15th which when converted with today’s current rate it equals €245 meaning its only for those professionals.

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