Celebrating 200 years of Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker is celebrating 200 years since it opened its doors of a small grocery store in Scotland. Now in October, it will be launching four bottles to celebrate that incredible journey.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label 200th Anniversary Limited Edition Design

The new 200th Anniversary Limited Edition Design for the iconic Johnnie Walker Blue Label has bespoke designs that depict the bold journey and pay homage to some of the great cities and countries that have been part of the Johnnie Walker story. There are also geographical landmarks and cultural symbols which represent progress in each of those countries.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Legendary Eight

A smooth, mellow Scotch crafted using some of the very rarest Johnnie Walker reserves. Each whisky is hand selected from eight legendary distilleries that were about when Johnnie Walker first started, including some ‘ghost’ distilleries.

John Walker & Sons Celebratory Blend

This exclusive release is inspired by a breakthrough moment – the launch of Old Highland Whisky in the 1860s, Johnnie Walker’s first commercial blend to travel from Scotland to the four corners of the world. The complex whisky is inspired by the flavours found in their family’s grocery store in the 1860s and uses whiskies from distilleries which were operating at that time. The exclusive pack design reveals the only existing image of the Kilmarnock grocery store 200 years ago.

John Walker & Sons Bicentenary Blend

A celebration of where it all began; this exceptional whisky is a sensorial journey down the fragrant aisles of John Walker’s original grocery store in Scotland. Master Blender Jim Beveridge and his team have drawn inspiration from John’s store and meticulously crafted a whisky with rich layers that re-imagines the exotic flavours that shaped his imagination. It is crafted with rare and exceptional whiskies, all aged for at least 28 years, including whiskies from long-closed “ghost” distilleries such as Pittyvaich, Cambus and Port Ellen.


Johnnie Walker to be sold in paper bottles from 2021

The age of glass and plastic is coming to an end. Diageo, a company with a long list of well known spirits in its portfolio has partnered with a venture management company, Pilot Lite Ventures, a to create the world’s first 100% plastic free paper based spirits bottle made from sustainably sourced wood.

Johnnie Walker Black Label will be the first spirit to sport the new paper bottle, due for release in 2021 with many other brands to follow suit. In fact, Diageo has been working with a consortium of FMCG companies in non-competing categories including Unilever and PepsiCo to further develop this technology, so expect more paper based packaging from your favourite brands.

It is considered to be the first of its kind, designed and developed to be 100% plastic free and expected to be fully recyclable. The pulp each bottle is made of meets food-safe standards and will be fully recyclable in standard waste streams. The technology will allow brands to rethink their packaging designs, or move existing designs into paper, whilst not compromising on the existing quality of the product.

Porsche…. Who knew they weren’t lazy?

Normally when someone looks at a Porsche, the main critique is that there has been no design changes from one model to the next. They come across as the laziest designers to date. But this all changes when you take a look at Porsche Design. this company is a subsidiary of Porsche AG and takes everyday objects and throws exceptionally cool design making it compete with the sexiness that Apple products have. The have altered designs from simple cigar cutters and external hard disks all the way up to Humidors and this lovely new piece of kit in collaboration with Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky. (Whiskey if you are American)

These designers have thrown everything at this piece. Can you call it a whisky drinker’s dream? I think so.

Depending on your love for your whisky and mainly your budget, you get a choice of three products.

The Chiller: a brushed titanium case with blue leather to hold a bottle of Blue Label.

the Cube: basically the same as the Chiller where the top turns into an ice bucket, however this piece holds four crystal tumblers, a pair of stainless steel tongs and an individually numbered bottle of Blue Label.

The Private Bar:  Now this is the piece I would save my money for….. 6.5ft tower of titanium, glass and leather. The top opens via electronic sensors and pivots 180 degrees to show off its gifts (somewhat like an oyster showing off its pearls) three bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, four illuminated crystal tumblers, chilled water and an ice bucket.

The Private Bar..... Beautiful isn't she?

If you feel you must have these, you can find them at Harrods stores. If the shop wasn’t any indication of the price I will give them to you.

The chiller goes for £240

The Cube goes for just under £500

and the Private bar goes for a cool £100,000 and can only be bought on special order. Better get your order in as only 50 of these magnificent pieces will be produced for sale worldwide.