Wally One

In the past, if you were called a Wally, you were either stupid or a guy a lot of kids were looking for. Nowadays the name Wally has been bestowed on a set of luxury yachts.


Wally yachts do a number of yachts, and a number of people will know or have heard of their flagship… the Wally 118.

Here we have the Wally One, the perfect day boat, sleek and slightly futuristic as all Wally’s are. Its 42 feet long, perfect for watersports and has all the amenities that come with a boat nowadays.  It offers a small kitchen area, and a sleeping area for 2 guests. It is powered by two Yanmar engines delivering more than 630Hp allowing this boat to power through the waves at 40-50knots.

People who can afford boats of this size might overlook it as it does not provide them with what some people may call value for money. For the money this is worth, one can buy a larger boat which can hold and sleep more people.

To me though, that is not what Wally is all about. To own a Wally yacht, a person can have this solely to use for the day or for watersports, and will then head on his super yacht to entertain.

The price of this mean, watersports machine: $840,000





Flying Hover craft

This is a toy for the rich and famous…… by Hammach Schlemmer

once you get to the beach you can hop on your hover craft and hover over the waves at 70mph till you get to your favourite beach.

if the beach is packed with other boats as normally is the case in summer, and people get in your path, no need to worry you can just hop over them up to 50 feet in the air thanks to the 34′ wings attached to the craft.

A 130-hp twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled gasoline engine — turbocharged and fuel-injected — drives its 60″ wood/carbon composite thrust propeller while a 1,100-rpm 34″ lift fan inflates its durable vinyl-coated nylon skirt for hovering above the ground.

ts low center of gravity and composite fiberglass/PVC hull enable it to operate in winds up to 25 mph and waves up to 6′ when in flight. Two nine-gallon gasoline tanks provide a 160-mile range.

but i doubt many of the owners of this hovercraft are going to push the fuel to its 160 mile range.

to use in the water or really above the water, it must be registered as a boat.

now onto the price: $190,000


Garage fit for any car!

Petrol heads all know that when it comes to parking a car in the garage, it can’t just be any old space. it has to be like a second home.

Vault Garage have revolutionized people garages since 2004. The people at Vault garage deal with every aspect of your garage from flooring to lighting and everything in between.

Now after the flooring and the lighting has been put in and your garage is starting to look more like a room, this is where the Vault custom stainless cabinets come in.

They are available in three series: the professional series, the designer series and the forged series and are available in a range of 18-30 different styles.

The professional = The broadest, most complete array of our Highest-Performing products & accessories. This Ultra-Premium Storage System represents the Finest in Professional-Grade Storage.

the designer = Professional-Quality Performance without the commercial look. Ultra-Premium Features in a Sleek, Streamlined Design.

the forged = Efficient Construction & Affordable High-Performance Materials delivers Quality Storage at a Fair Price. FORGED Cabinets are an Exceptional Value.

These three lines are all made from stainless steel and bespoke and are ready for the many years of abuse by men with oily hands.


Check out their site: here


Drop Light!

Ever had a romantic dinner?  where you bring out the candles to set the mood, but then always blow them out for fear of burning down the house.

Fear not, this new innovative product by the people at DOOlight have come up with this new concept. The concept is based around these rechargeable lights known as ‘drops’ which normally hang from their charger or lampshade to me and you. These drop can be taken off their lampshade and used as individual lights and the intensity of the light can also be changed simply by holding the hanger for a second to increase or decrease intensity. These drops can be used individually or else you may carefully place them around the room to set the right mood without having to worry about burning down your house.


These are the specs taken from their website:

Voltage : AC 90 – 240 V

Power consumption : Max 30 W

Dimension : Flower Base 365 x 1200 x 2000 (W x D x H) mm

Drop 70 x 70 x 150~200 (W x D x H) mm

Weight : Flower Base 35 kg

Drop 300 g