Lego Ghostbusters ECTO-1

Cars aren’t protagonists in films however manage to garner a cult following – think of the Mustang in Bullitt, the VW Beetle in Herbie or James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5. Well the ECTO-1 from Ghostbusters is part of that company and Lego has created its largest and most detailed version ever.

The car  is full of authentic details from the iconic converted 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance including a range of tools and features needed by any Ghostbuster to track and catch ghoulish enemies. Perfect for film buffs and Lego buffs alike, the set features a moving ghost sniffer activated by the wheels, an extendable rear gunner seat, working steering wheel and a whole host of other paranormal detection equipment on the detailed roof rack. Lego created two new bricks for this set, the curved windscreen and the 5-module steering wheel.

Available from 15th November online and Lego retailers, the 2,3252 piece set is a perfect Christmas present ahead of the release of the latest Ghostbusters: Afterlife that launches in 2021.


Xmas idea: Portable charger

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Cars are petrol heads’ pride and joy. However, on many occasions, funding runs low and the problems of car ownership catch up on us. If you find yourself having to perform rolling jump-starts more than you would like, here is the solution.

The Powerall Portable power bank and charger will start your car up to 20 times, but hopefully by then you would have replaced the battery. It doesn’t stop there though; it has two 5V USB ports so you can charge your tech on the go and a LED torch for when you are stumbling around the engine bay in the dark.

Priced at £63 it surely won’t break the bank, and you will be the most famous person at festivals. Get it here and have it delivered in time for xmas.


Xmas idea: Gulf Porsche 917 print


This stunning Porsche 917 with Gulf livery, designed by Hyundai automotive designer John Krsteski. Individually signed by John, the prints are each limited to a maximum of 50 prints so you can rest assured that you won’t find it down your local car boot sale. The print measures 102x61cm, available as a fine print or as a canvas print priced at £110 and £250 respectively. It will look great hanging above your bed or even in the garage with the rest of the motoring memorabilia.

Check it out with his other prints here.


JBL Flip 2 box and speaker
JBL Flip 2 box and speaker

In the market for a bluetooth speaker? look no further. JBL have the answer with their speaker known as the Flip 2.

Like most modern gadgets, the Flip 2’s packaging is minimal, the box simply contained the speaker and its sturdy neoprene carrying case. Upon further inspection, the carrying case held the charger and instructions to the bluetooth speaker. To be fair JBL could have done without the instructions. It’s that easy to use. Press the on/off button on the side of the speaker, hit the bluetooth button and pair with your device and bang! you are ready to go.


I am one of those difficult people who decided to run an Android phone whilst all my other tech is an Apple product.  This tends to bring about connectivity problems. The JBL Flip 2 has had no problems whatsoever, seamlessly connecting to my phone, Macbook and iPad.

What is great about this little speaker is that you can stand it up or lie it down depending or where you want to place it. six inches in height and crafted in beautiful metal and white rubber, it is very easy to mistake the design as part of the new Apple Mac family which is a compliment in its own right.

Another trick it pulls out of the hat, is that this speaker is also a speakerphone, great for an office or simply if you don’t want to hold your phone to your ear as you go about your business.

Testing it with two tracks, Outkast’s Rosa Parks and Muse’s Symphony part 3 where both tracks offer completely different levels of bass, treble and mid tones, the Flip 2 worked wonderfully for such a small speaker. At the beginning of Rosa Parks, there is a faint beat which is normally lost on headphones and some speakers however the JBL worked wonderfully. This speaker sounds a lot larger than it actually is and can compete with some of the top end speakers out there.

The downside that I have found with this speaker, is the battery life. It lasts 5 hours which is great but depending on the volume that figure may drop. I have found if you can plug it just do that and leave the wireless playing for when you really need it.

So go try it out and I can assure you, you will not be disappointed.

Spec Sheet:

Transducers: 40mm x2

Amplifier power: 2x6w

Frequency response: 100Hz – 20KHz

Signal to noise ratio: 80dB

Input connections: AUX/ Bluetooth

Battery: 5hrs listening time

Charge time: 3 hours by adapter

Xmas idea no.8!

Have you ever seen something on the internet and wanted it there and then?

Here is a printer that lets you print full objects not just images. It’s known as the MakerBot and looks like a cut up cardboard box with loads of wires sitting there. Having a little look at their website it says, ‘ A MakerBot is an affordable, open source 3D printer. It’s a machine that can make things. It’s your own little factory!’

it is a bit of a geeky looking printer and I can’t really find any true use for it but its end products do look really cool.

You can either buy the printer ready assembled or you can assemble it yourself. You can basically assemble it within 12-16 hours. It can print on three types of plastic which means you can print your own parts to upgrade your printer!!

take a look at the video below and if you are really interested, the price has also been listed.




Price of the printer: $2,400

Xmas idea no.7!!

Time for a bit of clothing to hit the Christmas list! This clothing line is not only good as a Christmas gift but one all year round.

I came across the brand when I was at Glastonbury Festival and I have been in love since. I think it is the little personalized feeling to every bit of the process. Monster Threads are the brand. They are a group of people who have an eye for great art that fits well on t-shirts and hoodies for men women and now babies.

They choose artists from around the world to design art for their t-shirts which are only sold online and at their festival stalls.

The experience that stuck by me the most was inputting my info on the mailing list. they didn’t have a simple pen and paper… no-no…. they took a much cooler and innovative route…. type your details on an old type writer. Simply Amazing!!

Not only that but whenever you buy something from them, you will receive a hand signed message on the receipt that shows that love and care still goes into their clothing. Another cool concept they have added, is that whenever you buy an item they will give you 10% cash back. so basically a £20 t-shirt gets you £2 for your next purchase.

So whenever you see this cool looking panda, you will always know it is Monster Threads. Take a look at their website which you can click on below and do some buying.


Xmas idea no.6!!

If you live alone, you like good music and your neighbours don’t mind it either this is the gift!!

if you live with people who don’t respect your music choices I’ll post a link further down that would be perfect.


So back to living alone…. have you ever wanted to hear your music so crisply but also use your dock when it’s not in use as a piece of art. The B&W Zeppelin Air is the one!!!

Bose tries but fails in the aesthetics department, but then came along Bowers & Wilkins started in 1966 in a little shop in West Sussex UK hand assembling speaker systems for clients. Nowadays it is a massive chain of stores for quality delving into the many areas of the music industry.

the Zeppelin air doesn’t look like a sound dock. not in the least….. I will go as far as saying it is the coolest looking, most modern yet keeping the classic, simple styling.

isn't that just beautiful??

Acoustically speaking, the shape was set to help with sound dispersion. and now with new mid range speakers it has supposedly even better sound dispersion. if you really can’t keep your hands off your iPhone, you can stream your music via airplay or from any Mac or PC with iTunes installed.

And with Airplay, it also allows you to connect more than one of these beauties in different rooms if you can afford more than one that is.


down to the price…. I have seen it priced at £462 but there might be cheaper and obviously there will be more expensive so do look around. And if anyone is feeling generous, I would love one!!



oh! and for those living with different music lovers… these are for you…. B&W