Xmas idea no.7!!

Time for a bit of clothing to hit the Christmas list! This clothing line is not only good as a Christmas gift but one all year round.

I came across the brand when I was at Glastonbury Festival and I have been in love since. I think it is the little personalized feeling to every bit of the process. Monster Threads are the brand. They are a group of people who have an eye for great art that fits well on t-shirts and hoodies for men women and now babies.

They choose artists from around the world to design art for their t-shirts which are only sold online and at their festival stalls.

The experience that stuck by me the most was inputting my info on the mailing list. they didn’t have a simple pen and paper… no-no…. they took a much cooler and innovative route…. type your details on an old type writer. Simply Amazing!!

Not only that but whenever you buy something from them, you will receive a hand signed message on the receipt that shows that love and care still goes into their clothing. Another cool concept they have added, is that whenever you buy an item they will give you 10% cash back. so basically a £20 t-shirt gets you £2 for your next purchase.

So whenever you see this cool looking panda, you will always know it is Monster Threads. Take a look at their website which you can click on below and do some buying.