Vilicci Virtuoso – A BBQ masterpiece

The Vilicci Virtuouso isn’t just a BBQ, it is a work of fine art. This is a grill that you keep out on display as a conversation starter. Made of stainless steel and some brass, it has a hexagonal cone shaped fire chamber with strategically placed air vents to ensure perfect air circulation around the fire which will burn evenly and efficiently throughout the grilling.

Alongside the grill, there is an additional rotisserie system that can be safely placed on or removed from the grill by opening a sturdy deadbolt latch. This makes it easy to load the rotisserie with up to 5 lbs of meat. You can of course, rotate the skewer rotisserie, or lock it in place and adjust its angle up to 90 degrees when needed. Skewers can also be individually removed from the rotisserie.

The ½’ inch thick cooktop is made of stainless steel, it is slanted inwards to that grease will always go back into the firepit and it will never deform from heat. Emptying ash from the fire chamber is very easy due to the convenient vacuum cleaner port. By adjusting the height of the inner fire chamber, you can fine-tune the temperature of the grill’s cooktop. The cooktop’s temperature also slightly varies between the inner and outer parts, so you can control the speed of cooking by placing food at the appropriate area.

The double wall construction of the grill ensures that the outer walls are much cooler than the walls of the fire chamber. This makes out grills safer and easier to stand near. The generously sized cooktop – which measures nearly 40 inches in diameter and the Virtuoso costs €13,500 and comes with a 10-year warranty.


MB&F HM9 Sapphire vision

MB&F has created a number of fantastically intricate horological masterpieces, always looking to push the boundaries further and further. The MB&F Horological Machine No.9 or HM9 for short is one of those masterpieces.

Inspired by the automotive and aviation designs of the 1940s and 50s creating a case like none other that has been seen before. To take it one step further, Maximilian Büsser decided to encase the movement in a sapphire case.

An outer hull of sapphire crystal and precious metal, curved and bubbled and precisely fitted together in three parts, is sealed with a proprietary combination of patented three-dimensional gasket and high-tech compound bonding process to elegantly show off the 301 piece movement inside. It uses two independent cantilevered balances to channel data into a differential that turns two heartbeats into one coherent time-pulse. Ultra-precise conical gears efficiently turn the engine’s energy and information current through a 90° angle to feed the time display on a sapphire crystal dial, marked with Super-LumiNova.

On the back of the case, co-axial beneath each of the balances are propellers: twin turbines that spin freely as an element of pure visual interest.

Limited to five pieces per edition, there is the choice 18K 5N+ red gold frame, combined with a NAC-coated black or PVD-coated blue engine, and two editions with 18K white gold frame, featuring a PVD-coated purple or red gold-plated engine. Each model costs 420,000 CHF which equates to £346,779.

Nike x Virgil Abloh: Icons

Nike and Virgil Abloh have had a longstanding relationship and are cementing it with a book titled ‘Icons’ that explores how the partnership works to unify all the intangible cultural threads connected to sneakers.

Underpinned by The Ten, a design project where Virgil collaboratively explored 10 Nike footwear silhouettes, establishing his now respected reconstructed design language.

The book traces Abloh’s investigative, creative process through documentation of prototypes, original text messages from Abloh to Nike designers and treasures from the Nike archives showing the 50 shoes that Virgil has designed for Nike. Readers will find Swooshes sliced away from Air Jordans and reapplied with tape or thread, Abloh’s quotation marks trialed on Nike Air Force 1s and Converse All Stars cut into pieces.

The book builds upon Abloh’s printed matter practice — archiving, documenting and storytelling through books and ephemera in service of preserving important cultural stories. It will be available from today (Jan 22nd) via Nike SNKRS in America, and through Off-White and Canary Yellow, before a wider release globally on February 5th.

Frama T-Lamp: MUST HAVE

Desk lamps tend to be mainly functional objects but every once in a while a design comes along that is functional and beautiful. The Frama T-Lamp is just that. Built by Frama, a multi-disciplinary design brand that creates lifestyle objects that inspire the senses and encourage mindful living, based out of Copenhagen.

The T-Lamp has a simple mechanism that allows the top of the lamp to be tilted allowing for the user to direct light at different angles, making it versatile in different environments, not just the home office.

Crafted from brushed steel or brass, it is available in three finishes – raw brushed steel, powder coated brushed steel in white or brushed brass. It has an integrated dimmer allowing the user to dim down the LED to set the mood or brighten it up when you need to flood something with light.

Nike SB Dunk Low Street Hawker celebrates Chinese cuisine

Designed by Guangzhou artist Jason Deng, the Nike SB Dunk Low Street Hawker is celebrating the food culture in China, mainly depicted by six regional dishes from six Chinese cities, combined with a slew of other, subtly-incorporated nods to Chinese cuisine.

The pair of shoes has 22 specific elements that focus on the food culture from both heel tabs  featuring Chinese calligraphy for “food” in black and white thread and four colors of laces are inspired by four essential seasonings in Chinese cuisine: green (shallots), yellow (ginger), white (garlic) and black (black pepper). That’s what is on both shoes, the other 20 elements are featured on either the left or the right.

Left shoe
The left shoe uses a lighter beige for three flour-based dishes. The suede toebox mimics the color and texture of green bean soup (Douzhi) from Beijing. Donut (Jiaoquan) patterns on the forefoot pair with the green bean soup.

Embossed suede on the lateral side shows shredded pita bread pieces for a traditional Xi’an dish: pita bread soaked in mutton soup.That mutton soup is represented in water-color patterns across the lateral side.

The Swoosh is depicted in a wood-grain texture to represent chopsticks. On the lateral heel, water-color fading looks like Yangchun noodles. An embroidered 10-cent copper coin appears on the lateral heel, hinting at Yangchun noodles.

The left insole resembles a blue sky, inspired by traditional Chinese slang implying that people treat food as their heaven. The blue lining of the left midsole mimics the blue-and-white of fine porcelain bowls.

Right shoe
The right shoe features hotter colors to represent different heats, from spicy to sweet. The metallic color on the right toebox is pulled from Chengdu hotpots in which dishes are cooked.

Boiling chili-oil treatments bubble around the toebox. Ostrich leather on the lateral side is inspired by the crispy roasted goose skin that’s famous in Guangzhou. The silver Swoosh resembles the metal hook used to hang the roast goose. The flame and Lychee wood used to roast the goose appears in a watercolor pattern around the eyelets.

Shaved ice and taro balls — a common Taipei dessert — can be found on the heel counter. The insole paints the scene of a bench terrace, a landscaping method used to grow rice paddies.

The collar lining reflects the color of meat dishes. The yellow outsole represents cooking oils.

This food inspired pair will be launching on the Nike SNKRS app on Jan 13th and if you can’t wait till then, maybe go sample some of the great food that is represented on each shoe to really immerse yourself in Chinese food culture.

Bravur X Wingårdh Limited Edition watches

Swedish father son duo Gert Wingårdh and his son Rasmus Wingårdh both famous architect and award winning designer teamed up with Bravur to interpret Bravur’s Scandinavia model, resulting in a watch inspired by the Swedish west coast and the Scandinavian light.

The watch comes in a Light and Dark version, limited to only 50 pieces. It is characterized by a geometric fish scale pattern on the dial, backside and leather strap, inspired by the west coast with its fishing and seafood culture.

The recessed pattern in the middle of the dial creates a beautiful texture. The minimalistic print and the inverted date dial, gives the watch a graphical look. The team came up with a fantastic idea to represent the limited number on the watch face. Each individual number is represented as a dot on the minute track dial from 1-50.

With a case diameter of 37 mm the size works well for both men and women. It has a polished bezel and a brushed mid case side surface as well as Bravur’s signature recessed mid surface logo on the crown. The watch is powered by a Swiss made automatic movement from Sellita, caliber SW300-1.

Available in either white with blue hands or blue with brushed steel hands, both are priced well at £1,135 and come in a traditional watch box and an exclusive leather case that can be used for travelling.

Luftgekühlt Book V2

In the world of Porsche, Luftgekühlt represents all the air-cooled cars in the manufacturer’s history, from the Pre-A 356 through the 993 model line. It is an experiential car culture event centered around a tightly curated list of historically significant or interesting cars, both race and street.

This is the second volume of its book, Luft Book, which captures the events from Luft 4 in the Port of LA to Luft 6 at Universal Studios Backlot as well as events out of the US in Great Britain and Germany.

Expect fantastic photography curated by Jeff Zwart, much of it never seen before, paired with exciting literary journey crafted by wordsmith and Luft fellow Mr. Joshy Robots. It won’t be in print forever, so if you want something special for your coffee table, better get it ordered now. It is priced at $140.