The Brew Cave

This may be the ultimate bachelor’s fridge. it is basically a storage unit for all your beer. it can hold 30 cases comfortably and four kegs. this bit of space means business. Along with holding the kegs, the people at Kegworks thought of putting a dispenser on the outside so you will always have your favourite beer on tap.

When ordering this magnificent piece of equipment for your monstrous bachelor pad, you are given the option of choosing a floor or not. The walls and the floor if specced are four inches thick and completely insulated, meaning that even in the hottest of heat waves, your beers will always be cold. Precisely at 32 degrees Fahrenheit which is 0 degrees for us Europeans.

If this product appeals to you the price of electricity shouldn’t phase you or the price of this product which runs up to €7010. But if it does, think about it…… you have your own bar in your HOUSE.


one for the connoisseur

Recently a number of my friends have been getting into the Whiskey scene. Logging into Facebook comes up with a flow of photos of different bottles of whiskey ranging from all the colours of the Johnnie Walker Brand.

I had written a post earlier on about the Blue Label bar but seeing its limited to a few pieces and with an exclusive price I think this product is more suited.


Presenting the ‘1001 whiskies you must taste before you die’. The 1001 series has become a household name with books ranging from all sorts of activities. These books are great to have lying around on the coffee table as it always sparks up conversations and gives a person something to peruse over when getting bored.

This book covers all types of whiskies from classical Scottish whiskey to the newer blends emerging from around the world. every area is looked from the grain to how to cook with whiskey down to storing and serving it.

The book is Hardback but unfortunately will be released some time in May as from publishing date is 15 May 2012.

You can preorder it from Amazon for around £20 and they will ship it to you as soon as it is made available.