Porsche presents two new eBikes

Porsche is expanding its range of e-mobility products and introducing two new eBikes – the eBike Sport and eBike Cross.

These two electrically assisted bikes are developed in collaboration with Rotwild using the latest generation Shimano motor and fitted with Magura high-performance brakes. The full-suspension carbon frame featuring an organic shape inspired by the flyline of the Porsche Taycan. The elaborate design, developed by Studio F. A. Porsche, ensures optimum reflection of light.

The Sport is perfect for daily rides, whether in the city or countryside, on the way to work or enjoying some free time, whilst the Cross is at home in the countryside, off the beaten path and away from roads.

The Porsche eBike Sport has a clean and compact cockpit with brakes integrated into the handlebars. The puristic design is emphasized by M99 LED lights embedded in the handlebar stem and seat post from lighting specialist Supernova. The Cross on the other hand is slightly more rugged with extra large Magura-MT Trail high-performance brake discs , while the mechanical Shimano XT 12-fold shifting system enables fast gear changes according to the rider’s needs and the terrain.

When Porsche Design gets involved in projects, the level of detail is second to none but that is also reflected in the price. The Ebike Sport comes in at £9,600 whilst the Ebike Cross comes in at £7,650.


Porsche Design AOC gaming monitor

Porsche Design and AOC, the leader in the gaming monitor market have collaborated on a first for the design company – a gaming monitor.

The 27-inch Porsche Design AOC AGON PD27 has a Quad HD panel with 240Hz refresh rate and a racing influenced design which won a Red Dot Award in 2020 means any user won’t be left wanting more.

The curved screen is perfect for true immersion into the game at hand, it is also certified with VESA’s DisplayHDR 400, providing vivid, lifelike colours and a wide dynamic range. The screen also comes with a wireless (IR) keypad, shaped like a centre console, to quickly access monitor settings or gaming presets

The Porsche Design AOC AGON PD27 is now available in selected retailers and Porsche Design at a cost of €799.

Huawei GT 2 X Porsche Design

As part of the Huawei Mate 40 presentation last week, the company also released the new Porsche Design Huawei Watch GT 2 smartwatch. Consider it a high-end addition to the current Huawei smart watch range.

Partnering supercar design and technology, the body of the watch is built of titanium and the bezel has the iconic Porsche Design logo integrated. It is a 46mm case with a 1.39-inch AMOLED circular display.

Fitted on a titanium strap that has been sandblasted to offer a matte finish. On the side of the circular watch are two digital crowns, one of which has Porsche Design’s iconic red circle – letting users explore the various settings and configurations. It has a two week battery meaning you can also wear it over night for it sleep tracking abilities.

Even though it is a fashionable smartwatch, one that can be worn everyday to work it supports data tracking for more than 100 different type of workout, including indoor and outdoor sports such as hitting the driving range, skiing and mountain climbing amongst others. If swimming is more your thing, the watch is water resistant up to 50m. During these intense workouts, you can keep an eye on your SpO2 level and heart rate thanks to the 6-in-1 LED lens embedded in the ceramic back of the watch.

The watch comes with a wireless charger, cable and a Fluoroelastomer strap and while stocks last, Huawei will throw in a pair of FreeBuds 3 worth £150 for free, which may soften the blow on the total cost as the watch comes in at £629.

Yet again…… something from Porsche Design

Here it is…. the new blackberry designed by Porsche Design.

It isn’t actually called that, they gave it some fancy mixture of letters and numbers:  P’9981. it is a co-branded product by Blackberry and Porsche and if i’m completely honest, being an Apple follower this product is something very cool and would not shame the Apple brand name.

It has a 1.2Ghz processor so she doesn’t only have a pretty face. It also has full HD camera, 8GB of storage which is expandable and the new Blackberry 7OS.

All this tech is fitted in a slick forged metal casing with a full QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen.

To give you a small idea of the price, the phone has its own concierge service.


if you haven’t guessed the damage to the wallet yet…. i’ll give it to you….. $2,000.


Porsche…. Who knew they weren’t lazy?

Normally when someone looks at a Porsche, the main critique is that there has been no design changes from one model to the next. They come across as the laziest designers to date. But this all changes when you take a look at Porsche Design. this company is a subsidiary of Porsche AG and takes everyday objects and throws exceptionally cool design making it compete with the sexiness that Apple products have. The have altered designs from simple cigar cutters and external hard disks all the way up to Humidors and this lovely new piece of kit in collaboration with Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky. (Whiskey if you are American)

These designers have thrown everything at this piece. Can you call it a whisky drinker’s dream? I think so.

Depending on your love for your whisky and mainly your budget, you get a choice of three products.

The Chiller: a brushed titanium case with blue leather to hold a bottle of Blue Label.

the Cube: basically the same as the Chiller where the top turns into an ice bucket, however this piece holds four crystal tumblers, a pair of stainless steel tongs and an individually numbered bottle of Blue Label.

The Private Bar:  Now this is the piece I would save my money for….. 6.5ft tower of titanium, glass and leather. The top opens via electronic sensors and pivots 180 degrees to show off its gifts (somewhat like an oyster showing off its pearls) three bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, four illuminated crystal tumblers, chilled water and an ice bucket.

The Private Bar..... Beautiful isn't she?

If you feel you must have these, you can find them at Harrods stores. If the shop wasn’t any indication of the price I will give them to you.

The chiller goes for £240

The Cube goes for just under £500

and the Private bar goes for a cool £100,000 and can only be bought on special order. Better get your order in as only 50 of these magnificent pieces will be produced for sale worldwide.