Xmas idea number 5!

I remember when I was younger all we needed in life was a ball and a wall to kick it against, but nowadays all this technology is ruining kids. so why not add a little old school with some new school tech.

I present to you the Sphero, a Sci-Fi toy ball you can control with your smart phone. Aesthetically its a small white ball with a blue ghost  stenciled on it. So till now, your kid isn’t going to be very happy! But turn the ball on and connect it to your smart phone and it’s the coolest ball known to man.

It can be educational in some ways as you can download apps that will let you draw things on your smart phone and the ball will follow the lines you draw, to even letting you practice your golf on another app. There is also an app which turns old school pong into a new smart phone experience.

But the App that will get the most downloads is the spy cam app which make all types of YouTube cat videos increase drastically.

If you are in America you are lucky as you can order it and it will arrive in time for Xmas, but if me you live in Europe you will have to wait a while.


Another Xmas gift idea!

Here is another one for Xmas…..

this is mainly for the foreign people because us Maltese don’t get any snow. Maybe it can be modified to shoot sand!!

This is the crossbow snow launcher. This bad boy will put all great snow ball makers to shame. It can shoot snowballs up to 60 feet. Just put snow in the snowball press and it will mould it into three perfectly shaped snowballs. Push the snowballs into the chamber and make your enemies quiver in their snow boots.

Snowball launcher