Lark Life

First we had Nike+ Fuel band and now we have the Lark Life. Nike came out with a wrist band that basically adds fuel whenever you perform an action. It tracks steps, calories and also tells the time. You could then connect it to your Nike+ account and compete with your friends or yourself. It was pretty ahead of its time. But along came Lark and technologically it blows the Fuel band out of the water.

Lark Life  not only tracks your calories and steps, but also has a hydration monitor, and fitness alerts among others. Unlike the Fuel band, Lark Life nudges you to do some exercise when it feels you have been inactive for a while.

among exercising, Lark can help you with your eating and sleeping habits. its like having your own life coach with you at all times. it doesn’t only read your sleep patterns but also has a vibrating alarm to wake you and only you up.

Heading to the design elements of it, it has an ergonomic design and with one button you can sync or log an action really easily.

it comes in three colours; blue, red or grey.

it is available for pre-order here at $149.99

check out the video here