Baby monitor for the future

no product is safe from the technological revolution. This baby monitor by Withings is one of them.

Withings is a company that has taken the baby monitor which was more like a one way walkie-talkie and brought it into the 21st century. It brings the best technology for viewing your loved one as they sleep in their cots. This can all be seen from your iPhone. The monitor will show the humidity, temperature, noise and movement. The Monitor also allows you to scan the room, even zoom in on your baby sleeping.

In the past, a typical baby monitor would only let you listen in on your child, now if you see that your child has woken up, you can interact with them through the baby monitor. Sing to them, even turn on a night-light from your iPhone app. The monitor wouldn’t look out-of-place at an Apple store, being a glossy white cube which opens up to reveal the camera and large command button.


Take a look at the video below and feel comfortable leaving your son or daughter in their cot while you enjoy your evening.

Price for this is €299