Montblanc X Pirelli Limited Edition suitcases

Back when we were allowed to travel, one of the many annoying things in an airport lounge were people with squeaky suitcase wheels. MontBlanc and Pirelli had the same idea as the two companies teamed up to create a special edition suitcase.

A super lightweight trolley case that is robust, yet light ideal for those travellers in search of a more efficient and reliable suitcase. Now, it doesn’t stop there, Pirelli better known for making tyres than suitcases has used its tyre technology to create a special rubber that is quieter and longer lasting, all with the Pirelli tread pattern and famous Pirelli tyre wall marking.

“There are very few companies that continue to innovate with the same spirit and the same passion as Pirelli, continuously launching new technologies in the world of sports competitions and luxury cars,” states Nicolas Baretzki, CEO of Montblanc.

The Montblanc x Pirelli limited edition collection consists of a #MY4810 cabin trolley case and a model with a front pocket, both of which can hold up to 37 litres, of which only 5,000 pieces are available. 

Wally One

In the past, if you were called a Wally, you were either stupid or a guy a lot of kids were looking for. Nowadays the name Wally has been bestowed on a set of luxury yachts.


Wally yachts do a number of yachts, and a number of people will know or have heard of their flagship… the Wally 118.

Here we have the Wally One, the perfect day boat, sleek and slightly futuristic as all Wally’s are. Its 42 feet long, perfect for watersports and has all the amenities that come with a boat nowadays.  It offers a small kitchen area, and a sleeping area for 2 guests. It is powered by two Yanmar engines delivering more than 630Hp allowing this boat to power through the waves at 40-50knots.

People who can afford boats of this size might overlook it as it does not provide them with what some people may call value for money. For the money this is worth, one can buy a larger boat which can hold and sleep more people.

To me though, that is not what Wally is all about. To own a Wally yacht, a person can have this solely to use for the day or for watersports, and will then head on his super yacht to entertain.

The price of this mean, watersports machine: $840,000