Aston Martin DB5 Junior – MUST HAVE

Remember the Bugatti Baby II from a few weeks back? Well the team at the Little Car Company aren’t resting on their laurels and have built a fantastic Aston Martin DB5 Junior, an electric two-thirds scale version of the marque’s most iconic car.

Staying true to the original, only 1059 models will be built with original owners being offered the first opportunity to purchase matching chassis number DB5 Juniors to their DB5. Unlike the Bugatti Baby II, the DB5 Junior can accommodate an adult and a child sitting together in the cockpit. The body is a composite body sitting atop an aluminium honeycomb chassis.

This may be a toy to some but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t truly represent the details of the car it mimics – sporting the same iconic Aston Martin wings, shield and DB5 badges as the original 1963 model. The dashboard is fitted with functional Smiths instruments, cleverly updated for the modern era. The fuel gauge is now a battery meter and the oil temperature gauge reads the electric motor temperature. The detailing didn’t stop there, the car is painted in the same Silver Birch paint as standard, with a full black leather interior and carpet set.

As with the Bugatti Baby, the DB5 Junior is available with three drive modes – Novice which has a 12mph top speed with 1kW of power and a remote kill switch if your young driver decides to venture out of the 30m range, Expert mode increases the power to 5kW and a top speed of 30mph and Race mode which is a ‘Balance of Performance’ setting aligning the top speed with some of the other models in the car company range.

If that isn’t enough for the young speed demon, there is the upgraded DB5 Vantage model which adds a fourth driving mode – Vantage mode – that is accessed through the hidden missile switch doubling the output to 10kW. A limited slip differential is fitted to ensure the power is put down on the ground properly, the body is made of carbon fibre making the model lighter and a second battery pack is added increasing the range to 20-40 miles.

The DB5 Junior starts at £35,000 plus local taxes, while the more powerful DB5 Vantage Junior is offered from £45,000 plus local taxes. Owners can customise the models to match their full size vehicles.