Samsung reveals 110-inch MicroLED TV

Samsung has recently revealed its groundbreaking 110-inch MicroLED TV. Back in 2018, Samsung teased us with MicroLED technology when it revealed ‘The Wall’ with a number of configurable panels that could be used together.

MicroLED technology uses micrometer-sized LED lights to eliminate the backlight and color filters utilized in conventional displays. Instead, it is self-illuminating – producing light and color from its own pixel structures. As these MicroLEDs are made of inorganic materials, the lifespan of this TV is up to 100,000 hours or nearly a decade. We are moving away from fast disposable tech and moving back into technology that has a long lifespan.

The TV has a 99.99% screen to body ratio meaning the body and bezel and practically non-existent and everything you lookat is purely screen. Due to its size, multi-screen functionality is spectacular allowing users to watch up to four sources of content simultaneously on up to 55’’ sized split screens.

Only available in Korea for the time being, but the 110-inch MicroLED TV is the first time Samsung has delivered its MicroLED technology into a prefabricated TV out of the box and will be interesting to see in smaller versions later in 2021 and beyond.


Xiaomi Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi released a number of new products for its ten year anniversary, one of which the Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition – the world’s first mass-produced transparent OLED TV.

A TV that looks like glass when turned off, thanks to having all the processing units based in the base of the television unit. It features an edge-to-edge 55-inch display with a 120Hz refresh rate and 150000:1 static contrast ratio all in a 5.7mm thin display as well as Dolby Atmos support.

Unfortunately the TV will only be available in China, at a cost of just over £5500, but it is a great step for the future of televisions when it can be a piece of art turned on or off.

Going to be doing anything naughty this weekend?

If you are thinking of being a naughty boy or girl on the road this weekend, i am hoping that you wont see this in your rearview mirrorThis is a new undercover police car being built by an American organisation called EVI. This organisation is run by an ex secret service agent so he knows what he wants in his car for a chase. No details of the cars power or the tech going into it have been released just yet but as soon as they do be sure to check out the update.


Doesn’t it look mean?

do you think it will be for the english motorways? maybe the german? or is it even coming to europe?


only time will tell!

for more photos of the beast check the link below

Is this the world’s scariest police car? – BBC Top Gear.