Lego Technic Extreme Adventure

Lego is the largest manufacturer of tyres and in 2008 it was said that there were 62 Lego bricks for each person on earth. These are great little anecdotes to tell your friends but the real story is this Lego Technic Extreme Adventure vehicle. One that your child will be begging for this Christmas. It has four independent ground-gripping tracks, working suspension, winch, front steering and a number of other exciting functions.

LEGO_42069_WEB_SEC02_1488Doors swing upwards to reveal running boards which can be lowered into position, a roof tent can be erected by turning the crank, the tailgate can be unlocked to reveal the sliding storage drawer where the snow shovel is kept. But what counts is what is under the bonnet – a V8 with moving pistons. If you get bored with the Adventure vehicle, it can be rebuilt as a Mobile Based Vehicle.

When it comes to Christmas day and the Extreme Adventure Vehicle stayed in your office because someone couldn’t contain their excitement, Lego has you covered with other options including an 6×6 all-terrain response vehicle, airport rescue, a fighter jet and many others.

The Extreme Adventure Vehicle costs £139.99 and can be bought from the Lego store.