Swatch Bioreloaded: WATCHES

March 1st, 1983. A new player came into the watch world – Swatch and it quickly made waves in the industry. Releasing 12 colourful watches, each comprised of 51 individual parts, well made and at a reasonable price. The market went wild for them.

Now in 2020, Swatch is looking back at those original watches but with a new spin on materials. This new collection of six models offer reinterpretations of the first Swatch watches and feature bespoke typography as well as two newly introduced bio-source materials extracted from the seeds of a castor plant.

Even the packaging is made of paperfoam, consisting of an innovative mix based on potato and tapioca starch. The packaging made with an injection molding process is fully biodegradable and can be recycled with paper waste or even composted at home. Not many watch collectors will be doing that though.


Swatch Sistem 51 Hodinkee Vintage 84

Hodinkee, the one stop shop for all things horological has on occasion teamed up with some of the top watch manufacturers to create what the team felt were the ultimate watches – some favourites include the Zenith El Primero, Tag Heuer Carerra Skipper and the Nomos Glashutte Metro Chronometer.

20017616_copy_1600x1600Most of the limited edition watches are snapped up as soon as they are announced with prices ranging between $2,500 and $60,000 until its most recent announcement. Hodinkee teamed up with Swatch to create the latest collaboration – the Swatch Sistem 51 Hodinkee Vintage 84 to give its full name. It is accessible for most too, priced at $150 described as, “interesting, democratic, and just flat-out cool.”

The watch uses Swatch’s self-winding movement, Sistem 51, originally released in 2013 with a 90 hour power reserve and one central screw holding the 51 parts together. Designwise, the watch pays tribute to Swatch’s first sports watch with reinterpreted luminous markers, sword like hands and a date window at the six o’clock. Being the quirky movement that it is, Swatch added a clear caseback so users can see the black and white patterns change as the winding rotor spins.

It is available to preorder on the Hodinkee store with deliveries starting December 12th, just in time for Christmas. If you aren’t lucky enough to grab one of the preorder slots from December 12th, Swatch will stock a limited quantity at its flagship store on Times Square in New York.


Swatch Touch!

Normally when talking about touchscreens, we tend to mention phones, tablets, music players but hardly do we speak about watches.

Swatch, the swiss watchmaker since 1983 have come out with the first full touchscreen watch. No buttons can be found on any of the sides of the watch. everything must be set using the screen.

You  unlock it with 2 fingers and swipe from left to right to go through all the settings, Time 1, Time 2, date, alarm, 24h setting and timer.

It is available in baby blue, pink, black, white and camouflage.

They retail at €110 from all swatch dealers.