Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 supercar

Where do you go from the McLaren F1? Central driving position, a screaming V12 and LeMans winner. Gordon Murray has been working towards this moment ever since and now it is here. The T.50 – a central driving position, a 3.9-litre Cosworth V12 with 663hp that revs out to 12,100 rpm. It is the the world’s lightest, highest-revving, most power dense naturally-aspirated road car engine. You kind of see where this is going right?

The whole car weighs in at 986kg thanks to lightweight carbon fibre chassis and body, and will be sold to just 100 individuals at a cost of £2.36 million before taxes. It has a 400mm fan at the rear to aid the aerodynamics and remove the need for large wings, helping to increase downforce by 50%; reduce drag by 12.5%; add around 50hp to the car’s output, in combination with ram-air induction; and cut braking distance by 10m from 150mph.

If you think this car would have a state of the art, lightning quick automatic gearbox, you’d be very much mistaken. The T.50 has a lightweight six-speed manual transmission and the driver sits dead centre – much like the McLaren F1 that came before it.

This truly is an evolution of that iconic design, and one that celebrates 50 years of Professor Gordon Murray’s work in the industry. Deliveries will start in 2022, and each owner will be fitted to seat, steering wheel and pedals – ensuring the T.50 is ergonomically perfect and individualised for each discerning customer. But is the T.50 harking back to past feats, rather than looking forward to the future?


Is a Classic car the way forward?

For many car spotters, pictures of videos of the newest metal is what gets the camera phone out and Instagram likes. But in most cases, they are the only people who appreciate and follow  a new supercar. Take central London in the summer as an example. Hoards of Arab registered supercars flock to the capital and flaunt their wealth and questionable style. Residents in the area despise this time of year, with high revving V8, V10 and V12 engines smashing through the silence of the night with their flame spitting exhausts to impress the car paparazzi. Now, police in the area are trying to kerb this enthusiastic driving with on the spot fines for revving or dangerous driving.

Evidence of this hate can be seen here when a woman is egged in her Ferrari.

6339254_359ea4375c5ca0bb750a417fc3960aea_wmWith a modern supercar, there is always a risk of someone deciding it’s a good idea to sit on the bonnet or plank on the roof for a photo.

With a Classic car, there is very little negative connotation. Merely admiration and smiles from people everywhere. A burbling V12 isn’t a noise complaint but an orchestra. It brings smiles to people’s faces. Cars of the bygone era just look cooler and demand respect. Could it be because it reminds people of a simpler time when they were children staring up at their bedroom wall dreaming of owning that streamline car driven by their gentlemanly heroes?

An added benefit is that these cars are appreciating assets. Owning a classic supercar can make you money. The evidence can be seen with practically every classic Ferrari. Take the Daytona as an example. In early 2010 Hagerty valued the car at a modest $371,000. Today that value has sky-rocketed to over $850,000.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 19.28.46

It is understandable that not everyone has that amount of money just burning a hole in their pocket. The key is to find the cars that have bottomed out and will not depreciate further and are now on the way up. Most recently, on a trip to RM Sotheby’s London auction a 911 GT2 sold for a massive £1.8 million pounds while a 2.7 RS barely made it past half that. Is this a sign that people who loved older cars either already have them and that now the ‘new money’ is working at buying the cars they dreamed of owning as kids?


Rallying Supercars

Supercars are loved everywhere, no matter how old you are, when you see one you will coo like a baby.

There is something about supercars that make grown men act like 9 year olds, it could be their immense pace or even their looks but more recently a person going by the name on ‘taxtherich100’ on Youtube has taken driving them to a whole new level.

Starting off with the viral ‘ Rolls Royce rally’ video posted on Pistonheads which hit over 3 million views in just over 2 months. Taking the car out of its natural wafting habitat and hooning it around a field is in some people mind a piece of heaven.

Then after this, there was the more sacred Ferrari Enzo treated like a rally car which hit 2.8 million views in 4 days. He seems to be doing something right after all.

Will we be seeing more people taking their cherished supercars for a quick rally run? Would love to see a Pagani being put through its paces on a muddy track. Can you call this an act of insanity? Not at all…. just a rich man wanting to have fun with his toys.

All I can say, I would hate to be the guy cleaning the cars afterwards.

Need a place for your wrecked supercar?

This post won’t appeal to the people like me who cannot afford to buy a super car unless it is at 1:18 scale.

But for the few super rich who have had an accident in their super car and there are quite a few of you. Do us poor people a favour and don’t just leave the wreck on the side of the road or completely forget about it. Do what this great designer did….. and keep the memories with you forever.

Charly Molinelli is the designer and he decided to take a wrecked ferrari and put it in a wooden box wrapped in whatever material you wish and then covered it with a glass pane. Works well as an ice breaker at a party.

Things you will need:

enough money to crash your own super car

A great sense of humour to keep it in your living room.

Lamborghini Reventon Roadster

Have any of you seen the advert released by Lamborghini?

it wasn’t given much hype when released and it seems not many people got to see it.

But to me this is one of the best adverts i have seen in a while and its all about probabilities. Its simplistic and at the same time brilliant. I can go on how lovely the car is and how very few of us will be able to see one in the metal let alone drive one.


check it out here: