Make driving more social

MM Title Bar

Ever got into an altercation on the road? Saw a person you fancied at the traffic lights? Got that feel-good song on in the car? Never knew how to show your emotion without taking your hands off the steering wheel?

Social networking is taking over people’s lives. Walking down the street, most people will have their head buried in their phone updating their status on their favourite social network. The world is now connected to the internet wherever you go, even in your car so why not be social as well. An emerging product known as MotorMood will allow you to do that. Give that person a flirty wink, or show that you are having a good day by displaying a smile.

MotorMood’s base product is a remote-controlled back-lit decal attached to the rear windscreen. It is activated by a remote control on the driver’s sun-visor, with each decal using its own remote. Cars can have as many decal stickers as they wish but at the moment MotorMood are preparing to start selling the ‘Classic 3’ just in time for Christmas with a happy, angry and flirty smiley face. New faces and messages will be available soon. Initial plans are to start selling in the USA and then bring this innovative product to the European market including the UK.

MM mockup

MotorMood is a start-up company based in Orange, California in America. Three young graduates working hard towards their goal of owning and running their own business. Their kickstarter campaign goes live in a few weeks so keep you eyes peeled for that and go ahead and take a look.


Instagram Magnets

Instagram has blown up as an App since it was created. it has now been purchased by Facebook for a cool $1 billion.

Everyone knows that more often than not these cool photos that we take with our smartphones will only end up on the cloud somewhere only being seen by those few.

A company called StickyGram now has the answer. it will let you print any of your favourite instagram prints and turn them into fridge magnets. Its pretty simple. sign in with your instagram details, pick your favourite nine images to make a sheet and then purchase. as easy as the A…B….C. each sheet of nine cost $14.99 with free postage worldwide from the UK.

Each StickyGram is 50mm x 50mm. That’s approximately the same size as they appear on your iPhone.

you check them out for yourselves right here.