Envo electric snowbike kit

When it snows bicycles aren’t really much use. Especially if it is a heavy snowfall. Envo wants to change that with its Envo electric snowbike kit.

It converts your basic bicycle into a sort low rent snowmobile, with an electric snow track at the back and a snowboard up front, it gives riders the freedom to tackle 20% inclines on hard ice, deep powder, slushy or groomed terrain.

With the 17.5Ah battery pack and 750W motor, the range of the snowbike is up to 50km at a speed up to 20km/h which can be activated with a thumb throttle that gives you an extra boost activating the motor proportionally to the twist regardless of pedalling in case you cannot pedal.

The kit to make your bicycle into a working electric snowbike is $2,091.75 and doesn’t include the bike frame, but if you have got this far not knowing that, maybe this piece of equipment isn’t for you.