The Kohler Stillness bath – smart relaxation

A smart home is great for convenience, allowing users to set routines to deal with mundane tasks, think switching on and off lights and even controlling your coffee machine and now your bathroom.

Kohler is working towards creating the ultimate smart home from the bathroom to the kitchen. The Stillness bath is one of those products that is perfect for unwinding after a hard day. It combines water, steam, lighting, and aroma into a relaxing journey for any mood.

The bath will fill to the level you set it at, at the perfect temperature you like and even when it drains all thanks to the PrefectFill technology’s built-in voice assistant and you will always sink in to a soothing bath.

The PerfectFill technology will be sold as a wall-mount or deck-mount spout, or freestanding bath filler to fit a variety of bathroom designs and also includes a valve, drain, and controller.

Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 – the shower of the future

The average five minute shower in the UK uses 75 litres of water. Now, five minutes isn’t a long time and most people have a shower twice as long as that.

Nebia has been working to reducing the amount of water used when showering by engineering and patenting what they call H2Micro™ technology. It atomizes streams of water, increasing the total surface area of water by 10x all while saving up to 65% water compared to a regular shower.

The Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 is the second iteration of this style of shower and it features brand new proprietary spray nozzles, which have been re-engineered for optimal warmth, rinsing, and body coverage. 

It is also highly customisable to make it truly yours, no matter how many people are using your shower. It is height adjustable with custom spray patterns meaning you could make it soak the body but keep the head dry – perfect when you have just had a fresh cut.

Nebia recommends this type of shower for a regular sized enclosed shower or a bath with a shower curtain to allow for steam to build up. It is available now for $499 and comes with a host of parts including a wand and its dock as well as the shower head and arm.

Horizontal Shower

Who would have ever thought of combining the relaxing elements of the bath and the shower?

A swiss company known as Dornbracht have come up with the brilliant idea of creating a horizontal shower. one which you can lie down as if in a bath but let the water flow as if in a shower.

To make this possible….. the company have six water jets secured on a recessed area on the wall forming the roof of the horizontal shower allowing it to rain down on the user. Creating an even more relaxed atmosphere, the company created a an Ambiance Tuning Technique which is available on their other showers allowing the user to choose what the company call choreographies meaning the user can choose water temperature, intensity and quantity all adding in to relaxation experience.


My only fears if i have one of these in my house, is being late for work and receiving a massive water bill but other than that ill be the most relaxed soul on this earth.