MUST HAVE: LVL -a wearable hydration sensor

Wearable tech has exploded since Nike first introduced its Nike+ app that let you keep an eye on calories, steps taken and distance travelled. Now, with the recent announcement of the waterproof Apple watch series 2, the wearable tech game has taken another leap forward but are these gadgets missing one thing?

lvl_001Running, cycling, swimming, whatever the sport dehydration will hinder progress. Step forward LVL, a device thought up by a team who have one foot in the medical industry that alerts you when you need a to drink as well as how many ounces (the company is based in the US) you need to drink to get back to your optimum.

Now, this sensor isn’t a one trick pony. As well as observing how much water is needed it also measures sweat rates, heart rate, sleep patterns, mood and hydration analytics and calories and activity monitors. The sensor is supported by both iOS and Android, with a battery life of four days with a two-hour full charge time. Oh, and it is IP67 water-resistant.

Much like the Apple watch the LVL is not only functional but stylish. With a choice of three straps (silicon, brown and black leather) it is a piece of tech to wear throughout the day no matter the occasion.

It looks very likely that LVL will hit shelves soon as it has been 769% funded with 37 days to go. Prices look to be around the $200 mark but you can get yourself a discount if you fund the project now, click here.




For the love of driving gadgets

Gadgets have always made life easier, no matter what type of gadget it is. When man had a problem that he could not solve, another man created a machine that would solve it very easily.

These gadgets have found their way into our driving lives making them easier….. but after sitting down and pondering… are these gadgets making our lives easier or are they simply making us lazier?

ABS, airbags and something as simple as seat belts were all gadgets of yesteryear but now have become a standard feature in all cars.

will that happen with some of the other gadgets?

Parking sensors….. these seemingly harmless dots strategically placed on our car bumpers seem to be creeping into that standard list of gadgets. Before they were only a luxury available to large cars like the mighty Range Rover. In that car you needed all the help you could get to make sure you don’t scuff the wheels or damage the car behind you. For that reason I can agree with having parking sensors on big, hard to park cars, but come on, on a Toyota Aygo? That is just being plain lazy! when I head down to the High Street, I on occasion sit and watch people park their cars. 90% of people do not know how to park a car. (slightly exaggerated to give effect but you get my point). people are being too reliant on these sensors. There is no need to look in the mirrors, oh no that’s why we have parking sensors. But there is the flaw…. parking sensors don’t pick up bollards.

Parking Sensors
Parking Sensors

In the new Range Rover Evoque, there is a new extra which allows the driver to peek out at junctions without having to push his bonnet to far out. These cameras are a godsend. Instead of having to creep out into the main road to see if any cars are coming, just peek at the screen on the dash and make your decision accordingly. Just make sure they are clean otherwise they are clearly pointless.

Range Rover Evoque Surround Camera System
Range Rover Evoque Surround Camera System

Something else that is a great idea for the driver looking for parking in a busy area, but then ruined by going that little bit extra. BMW have an extra available on their new 1 series known as the Park Assist which will assess parking spaces for you when travelling under 20 mph. That is very cool and could come in very handy when the driver still has not gotten used to the dimensions of the car. But this is where it goes over the top. The car will then park itself, whereby the driver will only need to feather the throttle and the brake to ease it in. Doesn’t that defeat the point of learning how to parallel park?

Park Assist by BMW
Park Assist by BMW

I Love gadgets in cars, I am one of those geeks who will sit in a car before driving off testing out all the buttons and seeing what features are available, but some of them are just not needed.