Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

As part of the Samsung Unpacked event, two other interesting products were released – the Galaxy Buds Pro, active noise cancelling smart earbuds.

The next generation earbuds by Samsung. Taking on its learnings from 2020, Samsung has looked at audio quality, now offering a new level of immersive comprehensive sound thanks to an 11mm woofer for deep bass and a 6.5mm tweeter for the mid-tone and treble.

Realising that people don’t only use earbuds to listen to music and podcasts, but also for taking calls, the team has also worked on call quality. Galaxy Buds Pro separate your voice from unwanted sounds with three microphones and a Voice Pickup Unit (VPU), ensuring you are heard as clearly as possible. One of the outer microphones further eliminates background noises. In addition, Samsung has integrated its new Wind Shield technology into Galaxy Buds Pro. Effectively, this is a specially designed chamber with mesh that filters out interference even in windy weather.

Along with these great features is an updated Active Noise Control. Intelligent Active Noise Control lets you seamlessly switch between noise cancelling and fully adjustable Ambient Mode. So you can let the outside in – or keep it out. When you need to focus on work – or tune out from the world around to relax – you can reduce the background noise by up to 99 percent using Active Noise Cancelling technology. And with Ambient Mode, you can choose to amplify nearby sounds by more than 20 decibels.

One fantastic feature that I’m sure many others will start to copy is that the Galaxy Buds Pro recognise when you’re speaking, and automatically switch between cancelling nearby sounds and amplifying them. They will also lower the volume of your music when you want to talk with Voice Detect that automatically detects speech, turns down what your listening to and switches from ANC to Ambient Mode.

The earbuds offer 5 hours of playtime with ANC on and the case offers up to 18 hours and if you run out of juice the case is Qi wireless charger compatible, meaning that five minutes of charge will give you an hour of extra play time. The earbuds are also IPX7 water and sweat resistant.

Galaxy Buds Pro will be available from 29th January and they come in three stunning colours: timeless Phantom Black, Phantom Silver, and Phantom Violet to match with your Galaxy S21 5G Series device all for £219.


Samsung Unpacked: S21 Ultra 5G

At the start of every year, Samsung always brings the goods and this year is no different. Samsung’s Unpacked event revealed a number of products but the pinnacle is the S21 Ultra 5G.

Off the bat, Samsung has followed Apple’s lead and will not include charging brick with their phones. So if you don’t already have one, you will need to fork out extra. And for the first time the S21 Ultra 5G is bringing S-pen functionality.

The phone is one of the largest, coming in at 6.8-inches with an AMOLED 2X display running at QuadHD+ with 120Hz refresh rate, now available at the same time. Brightness tops out at 1,500 nits which should never let you down, no matter how bright the sun is.

Such a big screen needs a big battery and Samsung delivered there too with a 5,000mAh capable of fast wireless charging as well as speedy wired charging. Onto the cameras and it has a quad rear camera (ultra-wide, wide and dual tele-lenses) that features a new 108MP pro sensor. This set up will allow for 4K 60fps video across any of the lenses including the selfie camera. Similar to last year’s S20 Ultra, the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G features 100x Space Zoom which is powered by Samsung’s first-ever Dual-tele lens system – one optical 3x and one optical 10x both equipped Dual Photodiode(2PD)– so you can capture crystal-clear shots no matter how far you are from the action.

As we said earlier on, Samsung is bringing the fan favorite S Pen experience to the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. From drawing to note-taking to editing photos and signing documents, now you can unlock the power of the S Pen on the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. Use an existing S Pen from a Galaxy Note or Galaxy Tab or purchase an S Pen separately on its own or with a compatible case.

The S21 Ultra 5G will be readily available in the UK from January 29th in two distinct colours – Phantom Black or Phantom Silver or if you purchase online there will be three additional colours – Phantom Titanium, Phantom Blue and Phantom Brown.

Each of these phones will be available in three RAM and memory formats – 12GB/128GB for £1149, 16GB/256GB for £1199 and finally the ultimate 16GB/512GB for £1329.

Samsung reveals 110-inch MicroLED TV

Samsung has recently revealed its groundbreaking 110-inch MicroLED TV. Back in 2018, Samsung teased us with MicroLED technology when it revealed ‘The Wall’ with a number of configurable panels that could be used together.

MicroLED technology uses micrometer-sized LED lights to eliminate the backlight and color filters utilized in conventional displays. Instead, it is self-illuminating – producing light and color from its own pixel structures. As these MicroLEDs are made of inorganic materials, the lifespan of this TV is up to 100,000 hours or nearly a decade. We are moving away from fast disposable tech and moving back into technology that has a long lifespan.

The TV has a 99.99% screen to body ratio meaning the body and bezel and practically non-existent and everything you lookat is purely screen. Due to its size, multi-screen functionality is spectacular allowing users to watch up to four sources of content simultaneously on up to 55’’ sized split screens.

Only available in Korea for the time being, but the 110-inch MicroLED TV is the first time Samsung has delivered its MicroLED technology into a prefabricated TV out of the box and will be interesting to see in smaller versions later in 2021 and beyond.

Samsung AirDresser: MUST HAVE

Keeping clothes, be it suits, shirts or delicate fabrics clean and cared for is a time consuming business that many can’t afford to give up. Sure, pay someone to iron your shirts and have your suits cleaned but what if that can all be done at home?

Samsung has tapped into this industry with the AirDresser, a groundbreaking way to care for clothes. It prolongs the period between washes, less stress is put on fabrics ensuring garments last longer. It has a bespoke ‘Jet Air’ system and ‘Air Hangers’ that keep clothes fresh by shooting air to loosen and remove ingrained dust deep within the fabric. ‘Jet Steam’ another system sanitises clothes by removing bacteria whilst the ‘HeatPump’ dries clothes at a low temperature removing the worry of shrinkage and or heat damage.

The AirDresser is 515 x 1950 x 745 mm and weighs in at 97 kg but should easily fit into a large wardrobe or possibly freestanding in the room thanks to its stylish Crystal mirror finish.

Samsung Galaxy Note Ultra 5G – The most powerful Note yet

Samsung recently held its Galaxy unpacked event where it revealed five products – Galaxy Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, two tablets – in the S7 and S7+, Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Z Fold2.

For now, let’s talk about the most powerful Note to date – the Note 20 Ultra 5G. As some of you may know the Note Series has always been for the power users, those that want work and play on their phones, fitted with the S-Pen.

The Note 20 Ultra is fitted with a 6.9-inch Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with 120Hz refresh rate delivering buttery smooth visuals. It is fitted with a 4,500mAh battery that is said to last all day, but if you find yourself running out of juice, the super fast charging and wireless capabilities, getting 50% in 30 minutes should see you through.

The S-Pen has been updated, to have more ‘lifelike precision’ as well as five new anywhere actions meaning you will users wielding their S-Pens as if they are extras in a Harry Potter film.

There is also a stronger Microsoft connection with the Note Series this year so that users can easily access their mobile apps on Windows 10 without disruption. But on that, Xbox integration means over 100 Xbox titles will be available to play on the Note, with 240Hz touch latency and an AI game booster.

You don’t necessarily buy the Note for its camera but if you did Samsung kitted it out with a 108mp Wide-angle, 12mp Ultra-wide angle, 12mp telephoto, laser AF sensor and 50x Space zoom. It is available in three colours, – Mystic Bronze, Mystic Black and Mystic White in either 256gb or 512gb starting from £1,179.