Motoring Pornography

A car which is sexy has one element that makes it different to any other car. what is that little ingredient you ask?

Italian Flair.

A car made in Italy has something completely different to all the other cars on the planet. this is what makes them so loved and hated at the same time. Yes, the Germans are precise, and the Asians know how to get as much power out of a tiny engine but the Italians have something about style and may I dare say ‘soul’.

this brings me to a car I came across when scouring the internet. The Ferrari Xezri concept. Now this concept didn’t come first in the Ferrari World Design contest of 2011, but it is stunning nonetheless.

according to the designer,  Samir Sadikhov from Azerbaijan,  “it was an idea of designing a model that a synthesis of its technological knowledge and its sporting experience.”

Based on a Ferrari 458 Italia, Samir chose to go with a monocoque seat known as ‘ Mono-seat’ which was inspired by jet fighters and race cars along with the need to save weight.

This car won’t be a car to take your friends to scare the living daylights out of them like the Mclaren F1 which has a monocoque seat and then two rear seats.

Even the instrument panel was structured around that of a fighter jet.

The car has movable body parts for aerodynamic purposes and to help direct cold air to the radiators.


as this is only a concept, no-one will know when it will be released or if it will remain as a rendered image.

if you would like to read the full story on the ‘Xerzi’ you can take a look of Samir’s website.