Logitech Circle View Doorbell

When upgrading your home to smart tech, you need to make compromises and by that I mean you need to select whether you are going to let one of the big three run your home – Apple, Google or Amazon. Each come with their pros and cons.

Logitech has created a doorbell that will be compete with the likes of a Ring doorbell and the Google Nest Hello doorbell. Called the Circle View doorbell, it is compatible exclusively with Apple Homekit.

The Circle View doorbell uses your Apple photos to determine who is at the door, alerting you on any of your Apple devices. The camera’s 160° diagonal field-of-view means you can see who’s at the door whether they’re short, tall, or just a package on the ground. Along with colour night vision to ensure that you can still see who is at the door late at night.

If you already have a wired doorbell, the Logitech Circle View doorbell replaces your existing wired doorbell on a low voltage transformer and works with most indoor chimes, meaning you can just ‘plug and play’.

Logitech Circle View Doorbell is available for $199.99 for the self-installation option and $299.99 for pre-installed.

Ring Always Home camera: A spy drone for your house

Home security is one that is taken seriously around the world, some allow gun ownership, most others use deterrents such as cameras, flood lights and alarms. But that only allows you to see certain areas.

Are there blind spots that you wish you could see? Did you remember to close the bathroom window? So many questions run through the mind of a person rushing to their next appointment. Ring, the company behind the next generation doorbell have tried to answer those questions with its latest product – Always Home Camera.

It is an autonomous indoor security camera that can fly on personalised paths so that you can easily check in on your home for peace of mind—like whether someone left a window open or forgot to turn the stove off. And if it is linked to Ring’s Alarm system and that system is triggered, the Always Home Cam will fly on a route to see what has happened and stream the footage directly to your mobile device.

Think of it as a guard dog that can relay messages and video footage to put your mind at ease while you are away, be it at work or on holiday.