Seletti Palace Dinner set – MUST HAVE

Do you remember going to a friend’s house when you were younger and their parents always had a nice dinner set that was brought out for special occasions?

Seletti, a company that focuses on design projects and creative, characteristic Italian excellence has the ultimate special dinner set. One that depicts Italian renaissance architecture but is also useable. Designed by Italian industrial designer, Alessandro Zambelli, Palace is a modular table set, both stackable and compact.

Each set is for six guests, including plates, soup dishes, bowls and fruit dishes showing palaces and renaissance architecture – Palazzo Torrione, Palazzo della Signoria, Palazzo Borghese and Palazzo del Governo. The sets vary from £270 to £390.

The roof lids are interesting, not only do they serve as covers but they are also containers. Each of the table sets are made of fine dolomite porcelain and are truly works of art that shouldn’t be hidden away when not in use.