Tesla Powerbank

If you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you may have missed out on Tesla’s mic drop moment when Elon Musk surprised the motoring world with the Roadster 2.0. Said to seat four, hit 60mph in 1.9 seconds and with a range of over 600 miles on a single charge it will be a game changer.

8756721-00-A_5If the $250,000 price tag might be a little much for some Tesla fans along with the long wait till delivery – here is something to keep any Tesla fan happy. The Tesla Powerbank. Designed to mimic the Supercharger, this neat little power brick has a 3,350mAh capacity to keep your phone well juiced.

The Powerbank features an inbuilt USB and Apple lightning connector as well as a detachable microUSB for Android devices. This Powerbank may be a little pricey at $45 but is a perfect xmas gift for any Tesla fan.