Hermes Speedster electric speedboat

Speedboats, like sports cars are toys for those that can enjoy the finer things in life. But, that doesn’t stop them falling behind in terms of sustainability. More and more brands are focussing on sustainability and to carry on making those sports cars and speedboats – powertrains are changing to all electric.

The Hermes Speedster electric is just one of those creations. Design inspiration for the retro styled boat comes from the Porsche 356 cabriolet and gentleman’s boats of the 1930s with curved lines.

The cockpit is bespoke, with every element from the steering wheel all the way to the speakers and switches is handcrafted. The speedboat can carry up to five passengers and also has a cover to protect them from rain.

To the heart of the Hermes Speedster electric, it has jet drive propulsion with a max power output of 134kW from a 30kWh battery pack. There is no mention of range or charging times but Hermes does spend a lot of time describing the steep entry angle of 72 degrees able to cut through the waves with ease and that the boat can maintain a trim angle between 2 and 2.8 degrees when cruising.