OPPO showcases new conceptual phone design

One of China’s leading smartphone makers, Oppo has worked with leading Japanese design studio nendo, founded by Oki Sato to conceptualise smartphone designs based on its human-centric design philosophy at the 4th China International Industrial Design Expo (CIIDE).

Over the years Oppo has been showcasing a number of designs that later made it into the phones that are now currently on sale from camera tech, 5G compatibility as well as some of the world’s thinnest phones. This year, OPPO showcased the “slide-phone” and “music-link” conceptual designs. The slide phone is a very different take on folding phone technology that is currently on the market.

It is designed with three foldable screens attached by hinges folding over in the same direction. By providing users with the flexibility to change the form of the phone as needed, users may benefit from the ability to change its size to suit the occasion. A stylus is included that can be inserted in the phone allowing users to expand their productivity by using the phone for work.

Looking back through previous design studies, it is likely to see this style of folding phone in the near future.


Oppo Watch – An Apple Watch for Android?

Oppo, Chinese electronic manufacturers has been making waves in the smartphone market, bring flagship technology to cheaper phones. That along with the other brands under the BBK Electronics umbrella (Realme, OnePlus and Vivo) have been leaving their mark in the space. But the smartwatch world has been Apple territory for a very long time. Now if you are an Android user there wasn’t anything that could truly compete. Until now.

Oppo has released a smartwatch using WearOS by Google. Offered in two sizes – 41mm with a 1.6-inch screen and a larger 46mm square case with a 1.91-inch screen, with either Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity. Both sizes offer a curved AMOLED screen and an always-on heart rate monitor.

Fitted with WearOS by Google means the watch is offered with the full suite of Google2 apps and services at a glance – including Google Pay and Google Maps. And if you are one who likes to keep the watch on day and night for sleep monitoring, Oppo has included its VOOC Flash Charging meaning 15 mins on charge will give 16 hours of use. The battery has a 30 hour life and can be extended to 21 days in power saver mode.

The 41mm Wi-Fi model is offered in black, silver and rose gold whilst the 46mm is offered as either Wi-Fi or LTE in black or gold, priced at £229 for the 41mm and £369 for the 46mm due out later this year. So if you have been hankering for an Apple Watch but wasn’t sure how well it would work with your Android device, now you needn’t worry.