Misfit Shine

On this blog, I have looked at a few activity monitors including the Nike+ Fuelband and LarkLife. Here is a new and completely different activity monitor. most monitors have chips embedded into bracelets as do the Nike+ and LarkLife. The Misfit Shine is something completely different, looking like a a thick coin with a halo of lights.

In the same way the Nike+ fuelband works, it gives you fuel for your daily activity which you can track by tapping the Shine and the lights will shine through somewhat in the same way Apple shows off its battery lights on its Macs.

The Misfit Shine’s party trick is that you can sync with your smartphone just by placing it on your phone screen.  Wear it how you want, wherever you want. There’s no cables, no bluetooth pairing, no charging stations – just an easily replaceable battery that lasts about six months.

When buying this activity tracker you have the option to get it with a bracelet or leather clip,  it can be worn just about anywhere, even when wearing next to nothing.

the company that came up with the idea and product opened its doors in 2011 and this is their first product. For a new company to come up with a product that will look good rubbing shoulders with most Apple products must breed success. we can only wait and see.