1,400hp Mustang Mach-E: Electric cloud maker

What’s the best way to increase the hype of an upcoming electric car? Put seven electric motors in it and give it silly amounts of power. Well Ford Performance and RTR have done just that with the Mach-E.

Three motors drive the front wheels, four motors drive the back wheels – two more than standard, allowing the car to be used in varying situations – drag racing, rallying, drifting etc.

1400hp, a top speed of 160mph and over 1,000kg of downforce and put it in the hands of Ford racer Vaughn Gittin Jr. and that’s how clouds are made.

It is only a prototype at the moment, taking over 10,000 hours of collaborative work between Ford Performance and RTR but it surely sets the bar for tuners when the Mach-E is released.