Unimatic X Norwegian Rain limited edition watches

Norwegian Rain, a clothes company started by two entrepreneurs focused their energy on the humble raincoat. Based in Bergen, the rainiest city in Europe Based on traditional tailoring techniques, ‘Japanese sensibilities’ and high tech innovative solutions you can understand why that was the choice of garment.

Last year they reached their ten year anniversary and wanted to collaborate with a watch company. Talking to Unimatic, they wanted to show that you can neither capture time nor tame the weather as well wanting to etch a mark in time as their belief is that time weathers everything. 

Creating two styles based off Unimatic’s Modello Uno, both feature a minimal black bezel and a first of its kind double layer dial composed of an individually oxidised solid copper gradating to one of a kind green hue with cutout markers showing through a brushed copper base. The dial is sealed with proprietary technique to preserve the unique process in time. Time is indicated thanks to the skeleton brushed copper ladder phantom H+M, reverse lollipop S with gloss tip.

To mark the ten year anniversary, the team highlighted the ten on the watch face with an X. Powered by a Seiko automatic calibre with a 41 hour reserve, it is water resistant to 300m.

The caseback features the Unimatic x Norwegian Rain 10 years anniversary engraving and the individual progressive number. The watch is part of a unique edition of 39 pieces.


Bravur X Wingårdh Limited Edition watches

Swedish father son duo Gert Wingårdh and his son Rasmus Wingårdh both famous architect and award winning designer teamed up with Bravur to interpret Bravur’s Scandinavia model, resulting in a watch inspired by the Swedish west coast and the Scandinavian light.

The watch comes in a Light and Dark version, limited to only 50 pieces. It is characterized by a geometric fish scale pattern on the dial, backside and leather strap, inspired by the west coast with its fishing and seafood culture.

The recessed pattern in the middle of the dial creates a beautiful texture. The minimalistic print and the inverted date dial, gives the watch a graphical look. The team came up with a fantastic idea to represent the limited number on the watch face. Each individual number is represented as a dot on the minute track dial from 1-50.

With a case diameter of 37 mm the size works well for both men and women. It has a polished bezel and a brushed mid case side surface as well as Bravur’s signature recessed mid surface logo on the crown. The watch is powered by a Swiss made automatic movement from Sellita, caliber SW300-1.

Available in either white with blue hands or blue with brushed steel hands, both are priced well at £1,135 and come in a traditional watch box and an exclusive leather case that can be used for travelling.

Bugatti Chiron Sport “LES LÉGENDES DU CIEL”

Legends of the sky is a special tribute to a group of racers that were fearless on land as they were in the air. “Bugatti has had close associations with aviation since the company was established more than 110 years ago. Many successful Bugatti racing drivers, such as Albert Divo, Robert Benoist and Bartolomeo ‘Meo’ Costantini, flew for the French Air Force, the French aviator legend Roland Garros privately drove a Bugatti Type 18 to be as fast on the road as in the air,” says Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti.

The Chiron Sport ‘Les Legendes du Ciel’ is limited to 20 models, referencing many features of the historic aircrafts. In addition to the unusual colour of the paintwork, the vehicle includes a special full leather interior with hand-drawn sketches and diamond cut aluminum.

The paintwork on the car is also pretty exceptional in the fact that it is a modern interpretation of the paint often seen on aircraft in 1920s – matt-grey “Gris Serpent” with a gloss white centre stripe. On either side, tricolour in Blue, White and Red decorates the front of the exposed carbon fibre side sills.

Inside, the light brown leather is reminiscent of natural leather in these aircrafts of days gone by. The natural material is contrasted only by aluminum trims, an aluminum inlay with the logo “Les Légendes du Ciel” that can also be found on the headrests as well as the special edition numbering “1 of 20”. 

This special edition is fitted with standard W16 engine with 1,500hp with a limited top speed of 420kmh. The cost of each unit will set back the owner a cool 2.88 million euros.

Montblanc X Pirelli Limited Edition suitcases

Back when we were allowed to travel, one of the many annoying things in an airport lounge were people with squeaky suitcase wheels. MontBlanc and Pirelli had the same idea as the two companies teamed up to create a special edition suitcase.

A super lightweight trolley case that is robust, yet light ideal for those travellers in search of a more efficient and reliable suitcase. Now, it doesn’t stop there, Pirelli better known for making tyres than suitcases has used its tyre technology to create a special rubber that is quieter and longer lasting, all with the Pirelli tread pattern and famous Pirelli tyre wall marking.

“There are very few companies that continue to innovate with the same spirit and the same passion as Pirelli, continuously launching new technologies in the world of sports competitions and luxury cars,” states Nicolas Baretzki, CEO of Montblanc.

The Montblanc x Pirelli limited edition collection consists of a #MY4810 cabin trolley case and a model with a front pocket, both of which can hold up to 37 litres, of which only 5,000 pieces are available. 

Aston Martin Victor: One-of-One

At Concours of Elegance 2020, there was a very special car presented which pulled crowds from Le Mans winners, Concours winners and other one-of-one creations.

That car is the Aston Martin Victor. Based on the very limited donor car, an Aston Martin One-77 carbon monocoque chassis with the 7.3-litre V12 up front. But that engine isn’t the ‘regular’ One-77 V12. It was sent to Cosworth to be fettled with and now produces 840hp. That glorious engine powers the rear wheels through a six-speed manual.

Designwise, the Victor seems to take its styling cues from 80s Aston Vantages mixed in with Ken Block’s Hoonigan Mustang. Those all carbon fibre panels are painted a stunning ‘Pentland Green’ whilst inside, there is a lot of Vulcan cues with all the leather from Bridge of Weir Leather, the company that produces leather for the best cars around the world. The leather inside is Forest Green and Conker coloured with cashmere and crown cut walnut finishing off the stunning interior.

The cost has been rumoured over £2 million but can not be confirmed. Expect it to be closer to £5 million especially as it is a one of one.

Seiko Astron X Honda e: WATCHES

The Honda e is a quirky city car, the brand’s first mass-produced EV and one that seems to be impressing journalists the world over, is now getting a special edition watch with only 300 to be made.

Seiko teamed up with Honda to create a watch that truly represents the ethos of the Honda e. Using Seiko’s Astron series, the GPS Solar watch connects to reset the time if needed to an accuracy of 1 second to every 100,000 years as well as offering the ‘Time Transfer’ function that allows the wearer to instantly switch from home and destination times between the main and sub dial at the touch of a button.

Unlike any other special edition watches made for car launches, the Seiko Astron X Honda e is very minimalistic. In the design of this edition, the circle has been used giving a clean aesthetic as seen in the Honda e. The only time someone will know it is truly a special edition is when they flip the watch over to look at the case back where they will be met with a titanium back cover that looks like a Honda e wheel with the limited number.

Due to be released on September 26th, the Astron has a 45.3mm ceramic and titanium case with a Nakadome strap as well as a replacement fabric strap that reflects the interior of the Honda e. It is set to cost 540,000 Yen plus tax so expect it to cost £3,830 plus VAT in the UK.

Lamborghini SCV12: Limited edition hypercar

Lamborghini has revealed its limited edition track-only hypercar – the SCV12. Touted as the most powerful naturally aspirated V12 ever fitted to a Lamborghini model with over 830hp, it packs an old school punch.

Designed by the brand’s in-house Lamborghini Centro Stile and taking the expertise from its race team, Lamborghini Squadra Corse to add some big wings to add aerodynamic efficiency and give it more downforce than a GT3 car.

Just looking at the SCV12, you know it means business, the front bonnet has a double air intake and central rib to direct airflow to the roof scoop. This increases the air pressure in the engine’s intake manifolds increasing the airflow in the engine and in turn cranking up the power figures.

Everywhere you look on this car, each panel has been moulded to be more aerodynamically efficient. Look at the huge front splitter and those lateral flicks and vertical fins and not to mention, the custom built carbon fibre rear wing.

It isn’t just the panels that have been built specifically for the SCV12, the new carbon fibre chassis allows for a greater power-to-weight ratio too. This Lamborghini is only rear wheel drive, which may come as a blessing to some and that monstrous V12 is mated to a six-speed sequential gearbox that forms part of the structure of the chassis by reducing weight and enhancing weight distribution.

If you are lucky enough to purchase one of these limited hypercars, you will form part of an exclusive club. Members will participate in advanced driving programmes at some of the world’s most prestigious circuits, with the technical assistance of Squadra Corse engineers and the special tutoring of Emanuele Pirro, five-time winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and Lamborghini Squadra Corse Special Projects Consultant.