Nike+ FuelBand

who ever says you can’t mix sports with social media?

Nike have taken this concept a step further by releasing a band known as the ‘Nike+ FuelBand’. it is a wearable band sort of like a bracelet with an accelerometer  that allows you to track steps, calories spent and your ‘Nike fuel’ which is a score that you earn whenever you move.

You can track your activity using the Nike+ website by syncing over USB and lets other users track your progress and also lets top athletes congratulate you on your goals.

There is a line of LED’s ranging from red to green that lets you keep track of the fuel gained over the day.

It is pretty cool and will definitely look into investing in one when paired with my new Nike FreeRun +2 which I will write a review on in the coming weeks.


The cost will be around €120 or $150 if you from USA from any Nike Stockist.


now check out the 2nd video below