Adidas Superstar 80s X SNS ‘Kinenbi’

Adidas and famed streetwear brand SNS (SneakersNStuff) have teamed up with renowned designer Kazuki Kuraishi for the “Kinenbi” collection. Kinenbi translates to “anniversary” or “in celebration of” in honour of the Adidas Superstars 50th anniversary.

Alongside the trainers, there are a number of other apparel items from t-shirts, mohair cardigans and parkas. For the offset, the colours scheme is a traditional one using the original black and white colour scheme.

However, it is a vegan construction using a Velcro upper, from the black dyed heel tab, stripes to the white panelling allowing further customisation.

Four patches are included with the shoes, two of which are a flora variation whilst the other two are focused on branding including the SNS KZK patch as well as KINENBI.

The trainers are limited and have been sold via a raffle.