AutoBuff: Handy Cordless Car Polisher – MUST HAVE

Car detailing has exploded in recent years, with countless companies sprouting up showing that cars can look even better than when they left the factory. There are videos showing orange-peel paint correction, removing swirls and bringing paint back to life.

All of these methods take time to master and cost hundreds, if not thousands worth of equipment, mainly the orbital polisher. But what if you want to spruce up your car’s paint without spending large amounts of money?

AutoBuff, the new product from Pumpit, a company focussed on building automotive accessories is an orbital polisher than allows the user to compound, polish and finish the paintwork of your car.

Its cordless design means it weighs a lot less than professional polishing tools. It has a round handle for a convenient and comfortable grip to use at any angle. AutoBuff allows you to select the speed by pressing the button on the top of the machine. It has a speed range of 3,400 to a 3,800 OPM. It comes with three pads of varying coarseness making it ideal for buffers of all experience levels.

Fitted with a 4,000mAh battery, it will provide up to 45 mins worth of polishing power and can be charged via USB-C meaning it can be topped up in the car whilst you admire your handy work.

Due to be shipped out to customers in May 2021, the AutoBuff received 100% of the backing needed within the first hour of its launch, but there is still time to get hold of one.


MUST HAVE: LVL -a wearable hydration sensor

Wearable tech has exploded since Nike first introduced its Nike+ app that let you keep an eye on calories, steps taken and distance travelled. Now, with the recent announcement of the waterproof Apple watch series 2, the wearable tech game has taken another leap forward but are these gadgets missing one thing?

lvl_001Running, cycling, swimming, whatever the sport dehydration will hinder progress. Step forward LVL, a device thought up by a team who have one foot in the medical industry that alerts you when you need a to drink as well as how many ounces (the company is based in the US) you need to drink to get back to your optimum.

Now, this sensor isn’t a one trick pony. As well as observing how much water is needed it also measures sweat rates, heart rate, sleep patterns, mood and hydration analytics and calories and activity monitors. The sensor is supported by both iOS and Android, with a battery life of four days with a two-hour full charge time. Oh, and it is IP67 water-resistant.

Much like the Apple watch the LVL is not only functional but stylish. With a choice of three straps (silicon, brown and black leather) it is a piece of tech to wear throughout the day no matter the occasion.

It looks very likely that LVL will hit shelves soon as it has been 769% funded with 37 days to go. Prices look to be around the $200 mark but you can get yourself a discount if you fund the project now, click here.



MUST HAVE: Raphael Lean essential wallets

Does your wallet leave a nasty square mark in your jeans and trousers? Do you have to empty out all the receipts from it every other week? Its time to throw your old wallet away and buy a Raphael Lean Essential wallet.

Hand crafted in Vancouver, Canada from a single piece of Wicket and Craig vegetable-tanned leather to create a tri-fold wallet, hand-stitched to give it that authentic feeling. Originally a KickStarter campaign, it reached its goal and the young James Raphael set about making his leather craft dream a reality.

old vs new
old vs new

There are four colour choices, the natural tanned leather which will darken with use, the medium brown which I went with, dark brown and black which will all age gracefully.

On receipt, the wallet came in a tiny box with a small leather strap to give you a slight indication to what might be inside. Just like most expensive goods, a certificate of authenticity was also included which was quite surprising for the small amount I paid for it. First few uses were a nightmare, the leather was very taut and hard to use. It would take a few minutes to take a card out of the centre fold which was worrying. Every time a card was needed, a battle would ensue. However after a few weeks of use, the leather has softened up and an odd battle between my fingers and my wallet does happen but it has now become a lot easier to gain access to my cards.


Raphael Quality goods will allow you to make the wallet your own. The company will laser cut up to three initials on the back side of your essential wallet.

This tiny wallet shows how much, well how little is needed. Simply four cards and paper money. Anything else can rattle in your pocket or can be left at home. The thing that is most puzzling, why I had not bought one of these earlier.

check them out @


Make driving more social

MM Title Bar

Ever got into an altercation on the road? Saw a person you fancied at the traffic lights? Got that feel-good song on in the car? Never knew how to show your emotion without taking your hands off the steering wheel?

Social networking is taking over people’s lives. Walking down the street, most people will have their head buried in their phone updating their status on their favourite social network. The world is now connected to the internet wherever you go, even in your car so why not be social as well. An emerging product known as MotorMood will allow you to do that. Give that person a flirty wink, or show that you are having a good day by displaying a smile.

MotorMood’s base product is a remote-controlled back-lit decal attached to the rear windscreen. It is activated by a remote control on the driver’s sun-visor, with each decal using its own remote. Cars can have as many decal stickers as they wish but at the moment MotorMood are preparing to start selling the ‘Classic 3’ just in time for Christmas with a happy, angry and flirty smiley face. New faces and messages will be available soon. Initial plans are to start selling in the USA and then bring this innovative product to the European market including the UK.

MM mockup

MotorMood is a start-up company based in Orange, California in America. Three young graduates working hard towards their goal of owning and running their own business. Their kickstarter campaign goes live in a few weeks so keep you eyes peeled for that and go ahead and take a look.

Sonastand for iPhone

Everyone who has an iPhone or has ever watched a video on one will know that the sound isn’t too great.

The only solutions people have had are cup your hand around the speaker or place it in an empty glass to let the sound echo.

iPhone owners including myself know that this isn’t the greatest solution and this is why two guys Colin and Bob have come up with the Sonastand.

The Sonastand is a machined aluminium acoustic stand for the iPhone 4/S. It holds the phone in landscape mode which is great for watching videos or using FaceTime. Its specially designed sloped shape allows you to plug the charger into your phone while you use the Sonastand.  They  machined the Sonastand out of a solid chunk of aluminum. It’s virtually indestructible and is so small you can take it everywhere. it will be available in four sizes to accommodate your iPhone in its skin, case or birthday suit.

Doesn’t even need batteries which is perfect if you’re at the beach or on a picnic.

The one thing these two guys ask for is a little backing to get this project up and running commercially.

and if anyone wants to back this project you can do here.

take a look at the sound differences in the vid below:


HuMn Wallet

Was checking out this cool site called which gives entrepreneurs a chance to display their products/ ideas and ask for backing to push them into production.

When scouring the site i came across this cool concept known as the HuMn wallet. This is not any normal wallet as it incorporates: a wallet, money clip and credit card holder all into one. As an added bonus it stops those naughty people from stealing your information with RFID scanners.

The design is quite simplistic yet brilliant at the same time. It is two sheets of aircraft grade aluminum or carbon fibre deepening on how generous you are feeling towards to the two creators. These two sheets are then held together by a shock cord strap with HuMn engraved on a metal plate.

so if you guys want to get your hands on one of these RFID killing, back saving, slimline wallets head over here.