MUST HAVE: Bullet 02 – World’s smallest torch

The Bullet 02 is touted as the world’s smallest LED torch, created by Slughaus, a start-up in San Francisco. This is their second take on the Bullet torch correcting the shortfalls found in the original concept.

13af5e0bb8101863bed6d10bdb64eb80_originalThe Bullet 02 is the world’s smallest LED torch, waterproof and practically indestructible based on a .40 Smith and Wesson round. It is a pretty simple design with an 180-degree spring-locked rotation to turn the LED on producing 20 lumens powered by three button batteries and that’s about it. Constructed from space grade aluminium and weighing in at 5 grammes Slughaus is keen to prove that it is indestructible. During testing, it was run over by an SUV.

The Bullet 02 is in its final stages of funding on Kickstarter and $10 will get you one round (a single torch) in either Matte Black or Matte Brass. Check out the funding page here


The Boast!!

the Boast is something that apple should have created in the first place. a designer performing his first kickstarter has designed and created ‘the boast’. this is a sound reflector for the iPad 2 and new iPad. it helps push the sound from the rear speakers to the front where you want it.

The Boast is held on to your iPad with safe neodymium magnets. Each of the magnets connects to the internal speakers, providing more than 10 times the pull required to hold the Boast in place securely. Since there are two magnets, aligning the Boast for optimum performance is simple.

check out the video of it here

he is pledging $15,000 dollars to get it manufactured and out to the market, but at the moment he is only at $5,000 and only 3 days to go.

so if anyone is feeling generous enough to donate some money and maybe be rewarded with one of these ‘Boasts” can do so here.