Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster

2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG roadster
2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG roadster (Photo credit: sarahlarson)
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Just watched the second episode of Top Gear UK, as usual can never be disappointed. Beautiful cars, crazy stories and always a laugh. But something dawned on me. Jeremy Clarkson drove the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster and he came to the conclusion that it was amazing because it was different. But I have to disagree.

Why would you buy a convertible SLS? the sole reason that I see for buying an SLS is for the gull-wing doors that pay homage to the original 300 SL gull-wing. A convertible SLS loses those magnificent pieces of art and are replaced with normal doors. If you want a loud V8 wearing a Merc badge why not save some money and get a SL 63. Same conventional doors and roof.

Normally, i love a convertible over any hard top version, there is something about chopping the roof that makes it look sexy. Altering the pillars and the lines of the car shows true beauty. When weather is perfect, all roofs drop down so passengers can enjoy the warmth of the sun.

I don’t want to come across as saying that the SLS is better than the Roadster version because unluckily enough for me I haven’t driven both. As Jeremy said, nowadays you will come across as being a bit of a show off stepping out of your car having gull-wing doors. Same idea goes for scissor doors on a Lamborghini.

But then again for an extra 40Kg and £176,895 you probably have enough money to buy the roadster for sunny days and the gull-wing for the rainy days.




Review: ‘Clarkson: Powered Up!’

Every year Jeremy Clarkson of the hit show Top Gear releases a DVD for the Christmas period. this year it’s called ‘Powered Up!’

He starts off by reading a letter from a disgruntled viewer or maybe even someone who just wants to have his name repeated aloud on the show.

There is the usual mix of loud engines, fast cars, burning rubber, sweet drifts through corners and a number of challenges on the Paul Ricard HTT in the south of France.

Clarkson makes it a point to leave the dreary weather of the UK for the sunnier isles of the Mediterranean. My only wonder is when he will be bringing his show to Malta. Instead of high-powered super cars maybe he can test strength of suspension on our abysmal roads.

enough of my little rant… back to the DVD. his main mission is to find his favorite car of the year, and not to spoil it for the rest of you… it is not what you may expect.

The DVD is available on DVD and Blu Ray from all good stores.

here is the trailer to whet your appetite

Forza 4: are we an endangered species??

Forza 4: endangered species – YouTube.

The much anticipated Forza 4 will be hitting the shelves 14th October . The Forza brand has teamed up with the witty trio of Top Gear UK to provide the Top Gear test track where all you fans can try to beat your favourite TV stars lap times. an added  bonus  known as ‘Autovista ‘ lets you walk around the car as if you are in the showroom and have running commentary from Jeremy Clarkson.if you are one of those people who always thought Gran turismo was the ultimate driving experience, i guess its a case of pro evolution football being better than FIFA then the latter game showing what it can really do.  So all you Xbox 360 gamers and car fans take a look at this video and either pre-order your game or wait till it hits the stores.

for the rest of you non xbox players….. well sucks for you!! haha

No no really, go and have a go cos it looks like its going to be a game that will take a lot to be matched on quality of cars, tracks and physics engines.