iPhone 5 release date


It’s almost here!!!! Ever since the iPhone 4S was released last year people have been aching for the 5. Rumors have been floating around with the date getting closer. Will it have a smaller charging port? Will it have different headphones? Will it have a metal back cover to help avoid cracking the screens with every little drop.
I have a feeling the iOS6 will be released and so will the new iPod. With the redesigned headphones must mean a new iPod.
The only way to find out is to tune in on the 12th, watch the keynote speech and wait until it is officially released.



Lighter than air……

iCloud seems to be the way to go…… airprint, airplay. more and more reasons to make us lazy! Sometimes it makes me wonder if we will really start looking like those depictions of people in Wall-e the animated film.

But then I get lazy and don’t really care. I don’t fancy having to walk over to my speakers to plug-in my iPod/iPhone to listen my music.

This is where the new Air Speaker by Loewe comes in.

A beautiful Cube sitting in any part of the house looking like a table or even a piece of modern art right to the point where soft beats start pouring out of it.

Loewe have enabled Airplay from Apple products meaning it lets you stream your music from nearly anything Apple. (iTunes, iPod, iPhone and iPad.)

There is a choice of 250 colours and these cubes can be placed in multiple rooms and you can have different music in different rooms. It’s not all about the aesthetics though, some thought of the sound quality has gone to it. The cube consists of two subwoofers, two tweeters and two mid range speakers hopefully giving a good spectrum of sound. Another thing…. it turns on automatically when you press play on iTunes.

prices are set at £699 and can be found at www.Loewe-uk.com

Aren't they sexy?