iOS 5 Review

After 7 hours of staring at a download bar, it is finally here. started off with an internal error as many of you might have experienced. This seems to have happened because everyone was so excited about this update, the almighty apple servers crashed under the amounting pressure.


But after trying for about 15 times my phone looked the same but felt like i had i just left the Apple Store with a new iPhone.(this is also available for iPad and iPod Touch)

iOS4 was good but this new iOS5 is alot smoother and seems to save battery life.

even the lock screen has become safer allowing you to change your simple four digit passcode to a full blown password.
as soon as the screen is unlocked, you are greeted by the same apps, but up top is a ticker bar showing the notifications center. you get the local weather at the top with stocks and all updates for messages, emails and so on for you to read.

Even though Android had come up with it first, Apple have blown them out of the water at their own game.

iMessage is another area Apple destroy competition. BBM has been around for ages but you need to add peoples specific blackberry number to talk to them. But here apple lets you text any of your friends who also owns an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad straight through the message app. When using iMessage the send button goes Blue, very subtle.

Haven’t tried the reminders app yet… to be honest i’m used to putting my reminders in iCal or getting a reminder from one of my friends.

Another thing which i found useful, when adding a foreign number the iOS will add the correct international calling prefix for you.