iOS 6

What is there to say? every year Apple stun the world when they release a new product and this year is no different. it has been a year since Steve Jobs last gave a presentation but the stylish products are still there.

This year we were given the all new Macbook Pro with mountain lion OS and iOS 6 for iPad and iPhone.

the new Macbook pro is a stunner in its own right. the traditional disc drive has been left out and flash memory has been installed instead of it making the entire frame thinner and the machine quieter. my post can not do it justice. you need to head over to the apple website and watch the video they made for it…. mind-blowing.


now down to the new iOS 6.

“iOS 6 continues the rapid pace of innovation that is helping Apple reinvent the phone and create the iPad category, delivering the best mobile experience available on any device,” Scott Forstall, Apple’s senior vice president of iOS Software said.

Siri has gotten a little make over, including the ability to launch apps, more knowledge of sports, restaurants and movie times, it’s also coming to iPad. i think the favourite of most people will be the ‘do not disturb’ option allowing you to have your phone on silent with no vibrations what so ever, not even light up the screen.

FaceTime can now be used on mobile networks not just over Wi-Fi.

Apple maps was definitely on its way after Google have been trying to push apple off the scene with its phones, so in turn apple have booted google maps.

Alarm – you can now select a song as your wake up call which is better than the standard alarm tones.


I can’t wait to get this iOS and try it out.



Lighter than air……

iCloud seems to be the way to go…… airprint, airplay. more and more reasons to make us lazy! Sometimes it makes me wonder if we will really start looking like those depictions of people in Wall-e the animated film.

But then I get lazy and don’t really care. I don’t fancy having to walk over to my speakers to plug-in my iPod/iPhone to listen my music.

This is where the new Air Speaker by Loewe comes in.

A beautiful Cube sitting in any part of the house looking like a table or even a piece of modern art right to the point where soft beats start pouring out of it.

Loewe have enabled Airplay from Apple products meaning it lets you stream your music from nearly anything Apple. (iTunes, iPod, iPhone and iPad.)

There is a choice of 250 colours and these cubes can be placed in multiple rooms and you can have different music in different rooms. It’s not all about the aesthetics though, some thought of the sound quality has gone to it. The cube consists of two subwoofers, two tweeters and two mid range speakers hopefully giving a good spectrum of sound. Another thing…. it turns on automatically when you press play on iTunes.

prices are set at £699 and can be found at

Aren't they sexy?

iOS 5 Review

After 7 hours of staring at a download bar, it is finally here. started off with an internal error as many of you might have experienced. This seems to have happened because everyone was so excited about this update, the almighty apple servers crashed under the amounting pressure.


But after trying for about 15 times my phone looked the same but felt like i had i just left the Apple Store with a new iPhone.(this is also available for iPad and iPod Touch)

iOS4 was good but this new iOS5 is alot smoother and seems to save battery life.

even the lock screen has become safer allowing you to change your simple four digit passcode to a full blown password.
as soon as the screen is unlocked, you are greeted by the same apps, but up top is a ticker bar showing the notifications center. you get the local weather at the top with stocks and all updates for messages, emails and so on for you to read.

Even though Android had come up with it first, Apple have blown them out of the water at their own game.

iMessage is another area Apple destroy competition. BBM has been around for ages but you need to add peoples specific blackberry number to talk to them. But here apple lets you text any of your friends who also owns an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad straight through the message app. When using iMessage the send button goes Blue, very subtle.

Haven’t tried the reminders app yet… to be honest i’m used to putting my reminders in iCal or getting a reminder from one of my friends.

Another thing which i found useful, when adding a foreign number the iOS will add the correct international calling prefix for you.




iOS5 release……

Today is the day, that many iPhone 4 users and the few 3GS users will upgrade to the new operating system. iOS 5 due to be released at around 9pm pacific time.

Those expecting to find Siri, the wonder of a voice assistant in the update will be greatly disappointed as it will be kept for 4S. Apparently the processor isn’t strong enough to handle the processing power of Siri which is a shame.

iMessage is going to be something that will do well, something which rival Blackberry messenger and Whatsapp messenger. This service allows all users to send text and pictures free to other iOS5 users either on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

But a full review of the OS will be up shortly.

you will need to download iTunes 10.5 before you will be able to update your iPhone or ipod touch.

get it here: