Reevo – Hubless bicycle

Marketed as the coolest, most secure ride ever built, the Reevo hubless e-bike looks like something out of a sci-fi film. Stealthy in looks and with all the elements you need for riding around a city all integrated, it is smart too.

Fitted with a removable 48V 10.8Ah battery in the frame as well as a 250W motor in Europe or a 750W motor in the US, you can reach speeds of 25 kmh or 25 mph depending on the region. It has adaptive pedal assist where it detects road gradient and pedalling parameters to to provide tailored assistance.

One integral feature to this bike, apart from the fancy looking hubless wheels is its security features. It has a fingerprint sensor that locks the rear wheel integrated in the frame itself, making it a lot harder to steal. Along with that, the bike is fitted with a chip to alert you if your bike is touched or moved. Because of that chip, you are able to track the bike anywhere in the world if it moved.

How about riding in the dark I hear you ask? Well It has an ambient light sensor that detects darkness and automatically turns on the 800 Lumen headlight and taillights automatically. It even has built in indicators to show drivers where you want to turn.

The product is up on Indiegogo but has already smashed through its goal of £38,695. It is actually at £860,406 worth of backers meaning these bikes will come to market.

The bike has a 27.5-inch wheel and is currently priced at a special price of $1999 instead of its usual $3349. These bikes will start shipping March 2021.


Bose Sleep Buds – for a perfect night’s sleep

Disjointed sleep patterns can severely affect mood and is linked to multiple health issues. After a long day at work, the last thing anyone needs is a sleepless night due to partners snoring or unwanted street noise.

xyme4wsgmtynfyusqkk4A company called Hush had started marketing an ingenious product that combined soothing sounds into earplugs to help people sleep. At the same time Bose were testing early prototypes of noise masking earphones (in-ear headphones wired to an iPod attached to a user’s sweat band).
In 2016, Bose acquired Hush and the teams joined forces to create and perfect the ultimate noise-masking earbud. The buds have in-built flash memory with a variety of 10 soothing sounds (six of which found in nature) pre-loaded helping the wearer muffle unwanted noise. As the buds are connected to a mobile app, the wearer won’t miss their morning alarm and an added benefit – your sleeping partner remains asleep. The earbuds are capable of providing charge for two nights worth before needing to be charged in their bespoke charge/carry case.

But how do these earbuds actually work?

wd9wpgza3zzee4k4rl8aIn most noise-cancelling headphones adding a second frequency that is out of phase when compared to the first cancels out the troublesome sound, however noise masking is different. “Masking works because of the way different sounds combine in our inner ears; if they have the right match of frequencies and one (the masking sound) is just enough louder than another (the disturbing sound), your inner ear and brain cannot detect the disturbing sound.”

Through the app, all elements can be altered from types of sounds played to volume and length of the sounds heard. Bose has taken a different approach with this new product, by asking for feedback on a product through crowdsourcing site Indiegogo. Through this process the company aims to learn more about sleep and any flaws users may find before bringing the product to the mass market later in 2018. These earbuds aren’t a replacement for wireless headphones, they have been created to help people take charge of their sleep, but will people want to wear earphones as they sleep? There is no word on how much these will cost but if other Bose products are anything to go by expect the Sleep Buds to be around the £250 range.


Kite Patches

Kite_Stack2Summer months are not all fun in the sun, nature found a way to keep us that little bit agitated. Scratching constantly to help ease the pain from  pesky blood sucking mosquitos.

Kite patches are not what you first expect.

The team working behind Kite are a mix of world-class scientists, engineers, product designers and entrepreneurs to make an impact on human lives. Kite patches are the answer to it. These little coloured patches are lifesavers quite literally.In Africa, a child dies of Malaria every minute of every day.

The patches have been created to not only save the wearer from being bitten but it is also kind to the environment ticking the green box too. Simply by sticking a patch to an item of clothing you are wearing, mosquitos can no longer track the carbon dioxide that you are emitting for up to 48 hours. Kite uses powerful, non-toxic compounds that are FDA approved for harmless human contact. No more toxic sprays or lotions, and no more silly, ineffective ingredients that don’t work.

in the future, we may even see this kite patch being used on animals aswell.

indiegogo is helping get Kite to the people who can not afford it. Every time you back their project by purchasing ten kite patches, ten kite patches will go to a family in Uganda. So, if you want to help back this project and help yourself from being bitten go ahead click here.