Bugatti x Tidal Audio Royale speakers

Bugatti and Tidal audio have partnered up to bring ‘the BUGATTI of home audio’. Their first foray into the home audio market is with the Royale range of speakers said to lead the way for luxury in the home audio sector.

Technical avant-garde meets a passion for design, the perfect finish and outstanding results – with the visual promise of the breathtaking performance is how it is described in the press release with multiple comparisons to Bugatti’s road cars.

When ordering the new speakers, there are two main themes: Monocoque and Duotone. A choice between piano finishes or bright color and material combinations. Each loudspeaker pair can be customized with carbon fiber, fabrics, leather, polished stainless steel, dark aluminum or precious metal surfaces.

Each unit houses four subwoofer drivers and a three-way front unit with a midrange-driver and tweeter with diamond diaphragms. The Royale is an active speaker with housing extremely powerful amplifier channels inside. The matching music controller allows to connect to all kinds of sources, including music streaming services and TV and can be controlled with smart devices.

This partnership between the two brands has manifested itself in the ‘Edition Noir’ and ‘Edition Blanc’, each limited to only 15 pairs. As with most Bugatti products, if you have to ask the price you probably weren’t the right customer anyway.