Geneinno T1 Pro underwater drone

Drones have given us new, cheaper ways of getting great aerial shots, chase sequences as well as the creation of a new sport. But underwater videography is still left to larger manned and unmanned vehicles. However, Geneinno a company known for making recreational sea scooters has created the T1 Pro.

A professional underwater drone with a 160-degree field of view 12MP camera that supports Sonar and can record in 4K at 30fps or live stream in 1080p. It features a water quality detector, laser scale and a multitude of extensions.

Tethered to the surface, the T1 Pro can dive up to 175m at a speed of 2m/s for four hours and is fitted with LEDs capable of outputting 3000 lumens with the standard battery and if a user gets the upgraded battery pack, it can stay underwater for up to eight hours and increase the light power to 9000 lumens. The laser scale is ideal for measuring unusual objects that divers might not be able to reach.

Buyers will have the choices of 150m or 200m tether and included in the hard case is the transmitter, charger, bluetooth controller, correct filters and weight modules. In Europe, the 150m T1 Pro will cost $3,599 or $3,899 if opting for the 200m tether.