Marshall fridges

Marshall….. a brand synonymous with music. this brand sells beautiful amps and even delved into headphones more recently. the company seems to have enjoyed branching out as its gone for a white good.

This white good will put a ‘SMEG’ to shame. Marshall have created a fridge that looks like any other Marshall amp.

The slogan for the fridge is “The coolest icon in music just got cooler.

it has the normal features you would find on a Marshall amp. authentic Marshall logos and facing with knobs that turn up to 11.

the fridge can hold up to 125l or 4.4cu feet.

it has convenient can storage in the door for easy access.

for now its up for pre-order at $299 from the Marshall website and shipping will start on October 1st of 2012 so there is a bit of a wait.

check it out here