Sonastand for iPhone

Everyone who has an iPhone or has ever watched a video on one will know that the sound isn’t too great.

The only solutions people have had are cup your hand around the speaker or place it in an empty glass to let the sound echo.

iPhone owners including myself know that this isn’t the greatest solution and this is why two guys Colin and Bob have come up with the Sonastand.

The Sonastand is a machined aluminium acoustic stand for the iPhone 4/S. It holds the phone in landscape mode which is great for watching videos or using FaceTime. Its specially designed sloped shape allows you to plug the charger into your phone while you use the Sonastand.  They  machined the Sonastand out of a solid chunk of aluminum. It’s virtually indestructible and is so small you can take it everywhere. it will be available in four sizes to accommodate your iPhone in its skin, case or birthday suit.

Doesn’t even need batteries which is perfect if you’re at the beach or on a picnic.

The one thing these two guys ask for is a little backing to get this project up and running commercially.

and if anyone wants to back this project you can do here.

take a look at the sound differences in the vid below: