Sondors Metacycle

Sondors has cut its teeth on making cool ebikes from folding ones to downhill mountain bikes. The team has now ventured into the electric motorbike segment with its Metacycle. And it follows the same visually appealing style that the rest of the ebikes have.

The Metacycle features the brand’s exclusive cast “exo-frame” with a sleek, narrow profile, beyond anything previously available. The frame gives it a low and light profile weighing in at just a shade over 90kg, with an integrated, ergonomic saddle.

As the phone has now become as important as an appendage, the Metacycle features an integrated compartment with a transparent cover and wireless charging, so you can ride free with the option of staying connected.

It features a 4kW battery linked to a permanent magnet, alternating current hub motor providing a peak of 130 lb ft on to a top speed of 80mph for up to 80 miles on a single charge.

At the moment it is available in three finishes – Supermassive which is a stealthy black, Arctic which has the frame and wheels in a bold white or Naked Silver which is aluminium. It is available for $5,000 and you can reserve your spot for $100 which is refundable. Deliveries are due to start in Q4 2021.


Budnitz Model E

In any major city, push bikes are omnipresent. Mountain bikes, Brompton folding bikes, fixed-gears to full on street racers. Now, an electric bike that looks like any other bike is here. The Budnitz model E is the lightest electric bike ever built with a range of up to 100 miles helping the rider travel assisted up to 15mph.

large_budnitz-bicycles_budnitz-4720-edit_copyThe solid frame is built of titanium or steel uses a twin-tube single arc cantilever that does away with the need for shock absorbers. The frame flexes to absorb shocks from daily use such as gravel, curbs and rough pavement. Don’t expect the damping to be as absorbing as a full on off-roader though.  The bike weighs in at 13 kg with a 250W all-in-one electric hub in the rear wheel. Instead of a traditional chain drive, the Budnitz Model E uses a carbon belt drive which is not only grease-free but apparently impossible to de-rail, quieter and lighter than a normal chain. Not only that but as it all encased in one hub, it is technically maintenance free. The multiple modes and power delivery can be set through the Bluetooth interface. How do you recharge it? Either coast downhill or pedal backwards.

The company is so sure of its product it is guaranteed for 100 years and if you don’t like it after 100 miles of use, you can return it for a full refund. There are three choices of models starting from $3,950 which you can buy from here.