EarHoox – the future of earbuds

Being on holiday makes you realise why people spend hundreds of euros on a good pair of headphones. Sitting on a train, for hours a day, trying to enjoy your music that you may or may not have bought, but all you can concentrate on is the pain in your ears from your ear buds.

Earhoox are the answer to the pain and suffering from earphones. The ingenious yet simple invention helps keeps earphones in place and takes away a large amount of pressure from the ear canal. It is a silicone attachment that you put on your ear buds but does not affect the sound on the ear buds. earhoox™ have two main features: the tire and the shark fin tip. Made of durable silicone, the tire stretches around any circular ear bud to create a snug fit that keeps earhoox™ in place at all times. The shark fin tip comes in two sizes, Large & Small, which provides a flexible shape to apply outward pressure and traction to key points of the ear. Together, the tire and shark fin tip transform your ordinary ear buds and elevate your listening experience.

They have started with a variety of colours ranging from black and white to Hot pink, sky blue and classic green, a colour for everyone.

Earhoox are a start-up company and need your backing to get up and running….. if you any of you would love a pair and want to see these products in shops give a little donation here . not long left till so get backing and they will be eternally grateful.


Universal Fit Chart