Caviar Airpods Max

It wasn’t long until we saw a modified pair of Airpods Max on the market, and surely Caviar are one of the first to do it. If you don’t know about Caviar, it is a company that creates lavishly expensive versions of the world’s most wanted tech from iPhones with pieces of the moon to a piece of Steve Jobs’ polo neck.

This time the guys at Caviar have taken a pair of Airpods Max and gone next level. The metal elements of the headphones are coated in 18ct gold and the mesh headband is replaced with black crocodile leather.

There is no mention of the smartcase but knowing what Caviar does, it will probably be as lavish as most modern watch boxes. Now the price, is a little harder to swallow. Caviar are only making one of each colour (black or white) and it will cost $108,000.