Nike: Better is temporary – MUST HAVE

Sneakerheads aren’t just about the culture of trainers, the history and design philosophies of some of the greatest trainers make collecting ever stronger. Think of it in the same context of cars and watches – learning about the design strengthens the affinity for the brand.

For the first time, Nike has allowed people behind the scenes to look at its design philosophy. The book’s title is drawn from a conversation with Nike’s Chief Design Officer, John Hoke, who explains, “I fundamentally believe that the central thesis of Nike is ‘The best is temporary at best.’”

In the same way we saw Porsche release its look into its Unseen prototypes, here the author, Sam Grawe combines exclusive access to Nike’s World Headquarters with insights from Nike creatives and executives to delve deeply into an ethos-driven design formula that is as ephemeral as it is influential.

The book opens with an introductory section, then through five thematic chapters explores Nike’s focus on performance, brand expression, collaboration, inclusive design and sustainability. Giving clearer definitions on questions people ask about athlete collaborations, to how some of the best Nike ads were created, onto cultivating partnerships, inclusivity and sustainability.

The book comes minimally packaged, binding two exposed cardboard covers in a single layer non-woven jacket. It is available at select retailers and Phaidon ahead of its wider release in late January 2021 at a price of £69.95.


Rimowa: An Archive, Since 1898

Coffee table books are ones that offer a talking point when guests enter a room, hardcover books that oversized and mainly for display purposes. Rimowa: An Archive Since 1898 is one of those very books but it sheds light on over 100 years of contemporary luggage design.

See some of the most iconic pieces from the German luxury luggage brand as well as never-before-published photographs exclusively shot for this publication, enriched with illustrations and other vintage brand material.

Rimowa pioneered the first lightweight aluminum suitcase in 1937, to the iconic 1950 grooved design inspired by the fuselage of classic aircrafts as well as collaborating with contemporary cult brands such as Supreme, Dior, Off-White, Porsche, and Fendi, Rimowa has built a reputation over the past century as a coveted item.

Published by Rizzoli in New York, the hardbound 270-page book is printed on one Europe’s finest papers in Italy, costing £70, it will look great on any coffee table even if it sparks up conversations of past travels and the hope of future ones.