Pistonheads.com back up and running!

Yesterday, one of my favorite car websites was down in order to improve and upgrade their already great website. After 22 hours of nothing to do except stumbling Pistonheads is back up and running with its new shiny look.

it now looks less like a blog and has more of a professional feel to it with cleaner lines and more white space. Maybe all this new stuff could be down to the new editor or he was just lucky enough to get in at the right time to reap all the benefits.


nether the less they have tweaked the home page and the classified keeping it in line with the other top second-hand car classified websites such as Autotrader and the Exchange and mart.

Pistonheads Logo
Image by hereticsun via Flickr

As all new things they are having some teething problems, the classified page is only showing 13,000 cars even though there are 95,000 available . apart from that they are having some problems with the load on the website which didn’t show up during testing. maybe they didn’t expect so many people to love having their favorite website back.